Solo Leveling Chapter 172 Release Date, Spoilers & Raw Scans

Updated on November 10th, 2021

Solo Leveling shows no signs of slowing down, as the hit series goes straight into its next arc. If you have been following Solo Leveling for a while now, or you have read the light novel then you know, this is the arc the series has been building up to. The Monarchs War Arc. From here on things will surely only get more interesting.

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Chapter 171 Recap

Before we jump into any spoilers or theories let’s do a quick recap of what went down in chapter 171.

In the previous chapter, we saw the Dragon Monarch standing in the ruins of a city as he questions where our hero Sung Jin Woo is. Suddenly a missile hits the monarch right in the face, however, it dealt no damage. The dragon monarch quickly transforms into his dragonic form and takes down the aircraft that shot at him.

Going back to Jin-Woo we see him sitting in the house, or for lack of a better description, his castle, that his shadow soldiers built for him. There we see him talking with his grand-marshal grade shadow Bellion, and his two marshal grade shadows, Igris and Beru.

All three of these shadows inform our protagonist that they think his plan is a horrible idea. To which Jin-Woo replies that he thinks this is what the previous shadow monarch, Ashborn would do. Stating that Ashborn liked this part of me. Bellion thinks to himself that Jin-Woo now resembles his previous master. As all three shadows pledge to stay by their master’s side.

Bellion asks if he will contact his family first before engaging, to which Jin-Woo replies simply, no. He goes on to say that if he were to hear their voices now, he could not go through with his plan. Then we cut to a battlefield as Sung Jin-Woo sweeps in and saves a man, by killing one of the beasts. He states that this is the first step of war, as he walks to the bodies of the monsters he killed. Arise.

Chapter 172 Spoilers

Spoilers for the upcoming chapter are currently not out. The raws are expected to release around an hour or two before the official release of the English translations. However since it’s only an hour before, it’s better off just waiting for the official release, so we can all support the author, giving him the ability to make more chapters.

As for what might happen next chapter, I would assume that we would see more off Sung Jin-Woo picking away at the monarch’s army. Thus increasing the size of his shadow army.

We might also get to see all those hunters who were preparing to fly to Canada to assist the hunters there. I suspect that the group of hunters who land in Canada will try attacking the Dragon Monarch. We might see the death of some reappearing characters before Sung Jin-Woo shows up with his improved Shadow Army.

Whatever happens next chapter I know that I for one can not wait to see the showdown between Jin-Woo and the Dragon monarch. A fight that is sure to begin soon. But what do you all think, be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

Release Date

As to the release date for this chapter. Chapter 172 is expected to release, Thursday, November 4th. As of the writing of this article, D&C Webtoon hasn’t announced any delays to this chapter, so we can assume it will release without issue.

Release Time

English translation for chapter 172 will be available at the following time, in these timezones,

Central Daylight Time: 11 AM on Thursday, Nov 4th, 2021

Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM on Thursday, Nov 4th, 2021

Eastern Daylight Time: Noon on Thursday, Nov 4th, 2021

British Summer Time: 5 PM on Thursday, Nov 4th, 2021


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Where To Read

Solo Leveling’s English translation is available officially on the Tapas site. Alternatively, if you wish to stay up to date with the latest chapters as they release in Korean. You can follow the manhwa on Tappy Toon.

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