Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date, Time, Preview Images, and Countdown

The most recent episode centered on the girls assisting Sara with her first date. Now, Episode 7 is fast approaching. Here are all the details for Episode 7 of “Spy Classroom Season 2,” including the release date, time, preview images, and a countdown to the episode’s premiere.


What Happened Recently?

Episode 6, titled “Dreamspeaker Thea,” starts with a failed attempt by Thea to seduce their Teacher. Later that day, Thea is visited by Sara as she gets a love letter from someone named Dominic.

Thea urges Sara to at least give this date a chance, as she sends Dominic a rejection letter, and he starts sending even more letters. So, the girls dress up Sara as well as possible and go with her if this Dominic is a creeper.

When Sara is waiting for Dominic, the girls are watching her from afar. As soon as Dominic arrives, he gives Sara flowers. The girls see Dominic and realize he is a handsome man. They then leave and let Sara have some privacy with him.

When Sara and Dominic part ways, Thea comes across Dominic and senses something sinister in his gaze. Later that night, all the girls meet and do a background check on Dominic. It turns out there is no such person as Dominic; this person is Tarik, a con artist who was released from jail.

Now, the girls must catch him red-handed to hand him to the police. So, they again use Sara as bait and arrange a last date with this “Dominic.” As soon as Dominic arrives, he is amazed by Sara’s outfit.


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They have dinner, and Sara asks him to tell her the truth about his real identity after dinner. He told her everything as he was drugged with the food he just ate. But Sara held a microphone, and every he said was now recorded.

Now, Tarik tries to assault Sara, but he is stopped by the Teacher, who also arrived there. Sara then departed with the Teacher, leaving Tarik grieving on the ground. Later that day, Tarik was again arrested by the police, thanks to the girl’s efforts.

Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 7 Release Date & Preview Images

Episode 7 of “Spy Classroom Season 2” is scheduled to air worldwide on August 24, 2023. The episode is titled “Emperor Annette.”

The preview trailer is available on the official Twitter account of the series. So, you can follow it for further updates regarding this series.


Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 7 Release Time

Episode 7 of “Spy Classroom Season 2” is set to be released at 10:30 PM on August 24, 2023, in Japan. On the same day, viewers in the United States can catch the episode at 6:30 AM Pacific Time.

The release schedule for other time zones around the world is as follows:

  • India: 7:00 PM, August 24, 2023
  • Japan: 10:30 PM, August 24, 2023
  • United States: 9:30 AM, August 24, 2023 (Eastern Time)
  • Europe: 3:30 PM, August 24, 2023, in France and Germany
  • Asia: 9:30 PM, August 24, 2023, in the Philippines and Malaysia; 8:30 PM in Indonesia

Spy Classroom Season 2 Episode 7 Countdown

Episode 7

Where to Watch Spy Classroom Season 2?

Japanese anime fanatics can tune into “Spy Classroom Season 2” weekly on local TV channels like Tokyo MX.

International anime fans can use streaming services like Amazon Prime, bilibili, HIDIVE, and Hulu to stream this anime series legally.

Regrettably, neither Crunchyroll nor Netflix are streaming this anime series.

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