Spy x Family: Anya Finally Gets A Silent Pistol In A Game

Updated on May 22nd, 2022

If you have watched earlier episodes of Spy x Family, you will be aware of Anya’s fondness to a silenced pistol. In fact, when Anya went shopping together with her father, Loid, she mentioned that she wanted a silent pistol, referring to the spy series “Bondman” that she watched at home.

We don’t know, if Anya will be able to get her hands on a pistol in the upcoming episodes, however, some anime fans have ‘modded’ Anya into a video game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The viral video comes from Chinese social media platform, Bilibili, where a user posted a gameplay with Anya going on a killing spree by using a Silencer.

In a second modified video, Floid is carrying around Anya in the Counter-Strike game, while she is busy with playing her pistol. After seeing this gameplay, we can say that the 5 year old Anya has much better aim than many CS:GO players.

Spy x Family anime series is based on a manga of the same name, written and drawn by Tatsuya Endo. CloverWorks and Wit Studio are in charge of anime production. The season 1 of Spy x Family is listed with 25 episodes. The first 12 episodes will be released this season, while the remaining 13 episodes will be released in Fall (Oct-Dec) season.


Spy x Family is a story about a spy who has a mission that requires a certain requirement and that is to have a family as a disguise. His hired family seems to be normal; however, he didn’t realize that both his daughter and fake wife are hiding a secret. His daughter being a mind reader and his wife as an assassin will make the story feel intense and at the same time, comedic. Even though the anime was not released yet, it will be more fun if you could explore this story with the digital and physical copy of the manga. You can read the manga officially on Viz Website

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