Spy x Family Reveals Two Cutest Visuals For Season 2

The anime fandom has been buzzing with excitement ever since the announcement of a second season and a movie for Spy X Family back in December 2022. Although it was one of the most anticipated anime of 2022, it exceeded even the loftiest of expectations.

Spy x Family season 2

With an impressive rating of 8.6 and ranking 73rd on MyAnimeList, Spy X Family’s triumphant reception is truly unparalleled.

Given this outstanding success, it was no surprise that the producers gave the green light for a second season. In a savvy move to further leverage the popularity of the inaugural season, a movie titled “Spy X Family Code: White” was also declared.

Though the details of the plot remain under wraps, fans can expect more information in the upcoming months.

New Key Visual For Season 2

The second season is slated for release in October 2023. This exciting news was officially confirmed via the Spy X Family Twitter account. The official Twitter account recently revealed two new key visuals for season 2.

These captivating visuals depict the charmingly whimsical Anya, portrayed as she scrambles away from Loid, who attempts to aid her academic quest to become an Imperial Scholar. We also see her spending quality time with her adorable dog and reacting in shock to Yor’s unfortunate culinary endeavors.

The second key visual provides a glimpse into the lives of Loid as a spy and Yor as an assassin, with an ever-innocent Anya positioned right in the middle.

Season 2 Plot

Spy x Family Season 2 will be focusing on the Cruise ship Arc. In this new narrative, Yor lands an assignment to guard a client aboard a cruise.

In an interesting twist of fate, Anya and Loid also secure tickets to the very same cruise ship where Yor will be on duty.

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The plot thickens as Yor attempts to fulfill her professional obligation while keeping her true identity as an assassin under wraps from Loid and Anya.

As for the production, the animation of the second season will be helmed by Clover Works and Wit Studio. Clover Works boasts a portfolio of popular titles such as Horimiya, The Promised Neverland, Fairy Tail, and Bunny Girl Senpai.

Wit Studio also has notable series like Vinland Saga S1, Attack on Titan S1-S3, and Great Pretender to its credit. Given these two powerhouse studios’ collaboration, the success of the series is hardly surprising.

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