Studio Trigger’s New Anime Project Reveals Trailer, Release Date

Although Trigger Studio won’t be returning to animate Cyberpunk: Edgerunners season 2, fans can look forward to the new anime series that Trigger studio has been working on.

Delicious In Dungeon is a popular manga by Ryouko Kui, which was recently announced to be getting an anime adaptation.

Kadokawa Publishing company in Japan streamed the trailer for Delicious In Dungeon, also known as Dungeon Meishi, which is being animated by Trigger Studios. The anime series is scheduled for January 2024 release.

Studio Trigger is a popular anime studio that worked on several fan-favorite projects like Darling In The Franxx, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, and Gurren Lagaan.

Delicious in Dungeon series is about a group of adventurers, led by Laios, who lose their supplies in a dragon attack. Stranded in a dungeon, they hatch a plan to survive by eating the monsters they encounter. Their quest becomes a wild mix of battles and gourmet cooking, as they strive to rescue a lost team member.

delicious in dungeon anime series

Voice Cast & Character Design

The lead character of the anime, Laios Thoden, will be voiced by Kentarou Kumagai. (Voiced Dae-Wi Han from The God of Highschool).

Marcille Donato will be voiced by Sayaka Senbongi. (Voiced Shuna from Slime isekai and Haru from Beastars). Senshi will be voiced by Hiroshi Naka. (Voiced Garp from One Piece).

Chilchuck Tims will be voiced by Asuna Tomari. (Voiced Gobta from Slime Isekai).

delicious in dungeon


Yoshihiro Miyajma has been hired as director for the anime, who was an episode director of the anime SSSS.Gridman and the director for SSSS.Dynazenon movie.

Kimiko Ueno, who previously worked on The Royal Tutor and Eternal Boys, is overviewing the series’ script.

Naoki Takeda, the director of BNA: Brand New Animal, is the character designer for the anime.

The music composer for the anime is Yasunori Matsuda, who is widely known for Xenoblade Chronicles and Black Butler.

About Manga

The manga has been officially licensed for English release by Yen Press.

Delicious In Dungeon is being published in Harta magazine by Kadokawa and collected in 12 Tankobon volumes as of August 2022. It was stated in the 11th volume that the series is reaching its climax.

Delicious In Dungeon is no stranger to accolades. It was nominated for the ninth and twelfth Manga Tashio Awards, respectively. The series came at the top of the male readers division of Kono Manga Ga Sugoi Awards.

The official summary of the series from Yen Press is as follows:

What do you get when you cross dungeon adventures and food manga? You get Delicious in Dungeon, where we find our troupe of adventurers on a mission to save their lost team member while figuring out how to survive on the food that the dungeon provides.

When young adventurer Laios and his company are attacked and soundly thrashed by a dragon deep in a dungeon, the party loses all its money and provisions.

They’re eager to get right back to it, but there’s just one problem: if they set out with no food or coin to speak of, they’re sure to eat it on the way! But Laios comes up with a brilliant idea: “Let’s eat the monsters!” Slimes, basilisks, mimics, and even dragons…none are safe from the appetites of these dungeon-crawling gourmands!

Source: Press Release

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