Takt op Destiny: Fans Are Freaking Out Over Takt Kissing Another Girl

Takt op Destiny episode 11 which aired on Dec 14, was action packed, beautiful, and somewhat shocking.

Anime fans who were following the series already know that most of the series fans ship Takt x Destiny, however, what happened in the recent episode shocked many fans. Destiny’s older sister, Anna out of nowhere kissed Takt.

Anna already had some kind of feelings for Takt, however, no one expected that these feelings will be romantic. Keep in mind that Anna is 20, while Takt is 18.

One kiss doesn’t mean that Takt and Anna will end up together. Anna knew that Takt is already injured while going into another battle. She was emotional and in the heat of the moment, she hugged her. After kissing, Anna said that she doesn’t know why she did that.

Yes Sir!!

I have no Idea

Anna is Pretty

Anyways, Takt op Destiny is an original work, meaning no manga or light novel, so there is no way of knowing what writers have planned for Takt, Anna, and Destiny. Season 1 of the series is listed with 12 episodes, the final episode will be released on Dec 22. There is no information available on Season 2 as of writing.

The series is based on a game of the same name. The anime adaptation is being produced by Studio Mappa x Madhouse.


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