This is how Indonesia And South Korea Censor Anime

Anime fans in the west are quite lucky as they get to enjoy anime without much of censorship. Unfortunately, in many countries in Asia, fans do not have such kind of luxury. Previously, we came to know that titans in Attack on Titan had to wear pants to be safely published in Malaysia.

Several Reddit users decided to share some information about how their countries censor Anime before broadcasting on TV. Here are some examples of censorship done by Government officials:

Many fans noticed that censorship is not limited to Anime only, but some cartoons, Idol shows and beauty pageants also get censored before the broadcast.

Anime Censorship in South Korea

Although it is understandable that some country’s culture have been stricter on showing skin, and officials have to censor most of the stuff, but it certainly isn’t enjoyable when half of the screen is blurred or pixelated. What do you think about anime censorship? Is anime also censored in your country? Please tell us in the comment section.

Source: Reddit

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