“Tokyo Ghoul Wasn’t A Success,” Manga Creator Reveals In A Surprising Interview

In a recent interview, Sui Ishida, the renowned mangaka behind the global phenomena “Tokyo Ghoul” and the currently serialized “Choujin X,” made a startling revelation that has left the fans and the manga community perplexed.

tokyo ghoul manga wasn't a success

He stated that he doesn’t consider “Tokyo Ghoul,” the series cherished by countless manga enthusiasts worldwide, a success.

In the interview with Manga Passion, he was asked about the great success of “Tokyo Ghoul” and whether he felt tremendous pressure to succeed afterward, especially while working on “Choujin X,” Ishida replied. “I don’t remember saying there was pressure to succeed. But I’m not sure if I remember correctly. Did I say that? I don’t know it. I don’t think I said it.”

“As a premise, I don’t really consider Tokyo Ghoul a success, Success is when I feel like I’ve drawn something well,” Ishida reflected. “I don’t actually demand it to be well received in society or that many people like it. So success for me is whether I can praise myself for it or not.”

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This unexpected perspective from Ishida has opened a new dialogue within the community, leading fans to reassess the traditional metrics of success in the manga industry.

A commercially successful series with a vast fan base, “Tokyo Ghoul,” wasn’t a personal victory for its creator because he measured success by his satisfaction with his work, rather than commercial or critical acclaim.

Moreover, the interview offered a glimpse into the pressures and struggles mangakas face in their line of work. Ishida admitted that he still grapples with personal hurdles and pressures, just as he did during his time working on “Tokyo Ghoul.”

He admitted that he hasn’t fully overcome these challenges, which persist even while working on his latest series, “Choujin X.”

However, despite these hurdles, Ishida finds solace in the fact that his work resonates with readers. He stated, “If the things I’ve drawn after overcoming my hurdles are liked by the people, then I’m happy. I think that’s the first time ever I’ve been able to connect with my readers.”

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Ishida Works 10 Hours A Day

The interview also shed light on Ishida’s work routine, which furthered fans’ concerns about his well-being. Working without any assistants, the manga artist has been clocking in an average of ten hours a day, occasionally stretching to an astonishing thirty hours at a stretch.

These revelations highlight the intense work conditions prevalent in the manga industry, which often go unnoticed amid the success and glamour of popular series.

The good news is that Ishida has also opted for an irregular publication schedule for “Choujin X,” allowing him the flexibility to work at his own pace and take time off when needed.

This decision, he believes, allows him to create better work without the constraints of a rigid timetable or page limit. Due to having no schedule for Choujin X, the author can work at his own pace and not burn out just like what’s happening with the My Hero Academia author.

“Choujin X” has been irregularly serialized on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website since May 2021.

Source: Manga Passion

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