Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Spoilers, Release Date & Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers’ final arc is in full force! Coming at us with fights, cliffhangers, and sadly, even a fan favorites death. But now it looks like it’s going to slow down and give us some backstory with chapter 230, titled, ‘Get Stuck-Up.’

Like that of the Black Dragons, though they have been around since the second major arc, we know practically nothing of their history. And maybe also some backstory on the mysterious Shinichiro Sano, who united the gangs of Tokyo and made the gang, all while being, as we are constantly reminded, very weak.

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Chapter 229 Recap

But before we jump into all that and this week’s spoilers, let’s do our quick recap of chapter 229, titled, ‘Go Easy On.’

In the latest chapter, we saw a major fight go down between the leaders of Brahman and Rokuhara Tandai. Meaning we got to see South and Senju go at each other. Though Senju’s older brother, Takeomi was begging her not to, warning her she isn’t ready to fight South, Senju jumped right in. Screaming at her older brother to shut up.

At first, the fight looks like an easy win for South, as he lands a clear punch right in her face, sending her backward. However, when South came in for his second punch things turned out much differently. After dodging his punch, Senju uses South’s arm as a bar to hold herself up, kicking South right in the face. She then flipped over and struck South right in the collar bone, essentially knocking him out. Senju then reminds her older brother that Brahman’s true boss is her.

In this chapter, we also get to see Kakucho approach Mikey, after taking out a significant number of grunts. He tells Mikey, its strange for you to be standing by the sidelines. Kakucho then requests a fight telling Mikey, I’ve always wanted to fight you. It looks like Mikey will give him his request, as he says, I wanted to stay on the sidelines, but here you are. Getting himself ready to fight.

Chapter 230 Spoilers

Now that we are all caught up, let’s dive right into chapter 230’s spoilers. Warning, however, some raws for the upcoming chapter are already out so there are confirmed spoilers below, you have been warned.

This upcoming chapter kicks off on a flashback that Takeomi is having, mainly about Shinichiro and how Brahman and The Black Dragons were formed.

Takeomi remembers how he was nicknamed the “God Of War” since he was the vice president for the Black Dragons, and ordered them around when it was time to fight. However, Takeomi remembers he wasn’t always like that, thinking back to the days he played on the jungle gym with Shinichiro. Shinichiro would always climb to the top and Takeomi would stay down, since he wasn’t good at any sport-related things, or studying. Takemomi also thinks about how Shinichiro was very good at gathering people.

Continuing on about Shinichiro, Takeomi thinks about how he was a nice guy, and would only pick fights with those stronger than him. When he lost, he would cry like a baby, however, giving himself the nickname, crybaby. Benkei would always stroke Shin’s head and Waka would tease him by saying “weak in fighting and weak in love. You are the weakest king.” Takeomi was recalling all of these memories

He also recalls how Shinichiro disbanded the Black Dragons. When Takeomi asked him why he would respond with, “If you can’t surpass the Black Dragon anymore, you will be bullied by the weak.” But Takeomi still refuses to accept his reasoning.

In the flashback, we jump forward 5 years to around the time Shin died. Takeomi is in a state of crisis, he is stressed, his beard is a mess, and he has debt mail everywhere. One day when Senju, Takeomi, Waka, and Benkei are all together at a gym, Senju tells them that she wants to fight, the invincible Mikey. She continues saying she wants to form her own gang, Takeomi is surprised, but the other two compliments and cheer Senju on. Senju tells Takeomi that she wants strong, reliable people to lead her gang. Takeomi begins to cry as he questions if he who has lost his money and pride deserves to be considered reliable. To which Senju replies yes, you still are.

Jumping back to the present Takeomi kneels down and cries. He goes on to say that he misunderstood Senju. And he had lost the trust of both Senju and Draken, saying it’s all his fault. To which Senju replies, no Draken’s death isn’t your fault, it’s this mess that is to blame.

Senju then says the only thing we can do right now is defeat South. Right on cue South stands up and says, it’s been a while since I had to fight like this. Let’s have a good fight, Senju the unparalleled. Ending the chapter right as South gets on his feet.

Raw Scans

Release Date

The upcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers is set for release as usual. Meaning we will be able to see a chapter 230 release official on Wednesday, November 10th, 2021. As of right now, there is no word of the chapter being delayed, however, if anything is released we will keep this article updated

Where To Read

You can read the latest chapters of the Tokyo Revengers on the official site of Kodanshacomics. We will be back next week with more Tokyo Revengers spoilers, till then stay tuned!

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