Top 10 Best Manhua (Chinese Manga) To Read For Beginners

Like Manga and Manwha, Manhua is also a publishing style of comics. The only difference between these three is the country from where they originate and their reading pattern.

manuha for beginners

Manga originated in Japan and is one of the most recognized styles worldwide, introduced in the late 19th century. Manwha originated from Korea and mainly consists of full-color art.

Manhua is a style of comic that is not well-known enough. It originated in China and Taiwan. The most exciting fact about Manhua is that it was introduced even before the world-famous publishing medium, Manga.

Here are the Top 10 Manhuas to read if you want to enter the world of Manhuas!

10. Versatile Mage

manuha chinese to read

Versatile Mage is a famous fantasy Manhua adapted from a web novel of the same name, written by Luan. The Manhua was adapted by an artist named Junzi Shan. It was also adapted into a Donguha (Chinese Anime).

The main plot of Versatile Mage follows Mo Fan, who finds and inherits a necklace, and mysteriously, the next day, the world which used to depend on science suddenly gets replaced with a world where magic and monsters exist.

Mo Fan gradually gets to discover his multifaceted talent of magic, and with that, Mo Fan is going to protect his loved ones and embark on the journey to find the truth of this new world.

9. Tales Of Demons and Gods

tales of demon and gods

Tales Of Demons and Gods is a widely known manhua that falls into a shonen category with exquisite twists. The Manhua is adapted from a web novel by Fabiao De Woniu and adapted into Manhua by Jiang Ruo Tai.

The story is set in a fictional world where Demons and Gods live and revolve around Li Nie, a skillful soldier who unfortunately died at the hands of demon beasts.

Suddenly, Li wakes up in a classroom and is reincarnated as a thirteen-year-old boy on a journey to save his loved ones from the demon beasts and ensure he will not repeat the same mistakes.

8. Feng Shen Ji

Feng Shen Ji is a short yet intimidating manga written and drawn by Jianhe Zhang. The manga has been adapted into a Donguha (Chinese anime) as well.

Feng Shen Ji is known for its exquisite art and how it unfolds the story. The Manhua is set in a world where the gods dominate, and humans live in oppression. When things get out of hand, the human emperor, Zi Zhou, refuses to bow his head down in front of the gods, leading to a massive crusader between humans and gods.

The combination of fantasy, action, and drama is a worthwhile read for everyone who wants to start dwelling in the Manhua world.

7. SQ: Begin W/Your Name

SQ: Begin W/Your Name is a unique Manhua series on romance and comedy. The Manhua is written and drawn by Tan Jiu.

The story revolves around the friendship dynamic of Jing Sun and Qiu Tong, who gradually develop their friendship into a relationship. The Manhua follows their everyday stories to keep you engaged. This bitter-sweet Manhua is a welcome recommendation for every RomCom genre fan.

6. Chang Ge Xing

Chang Ge Xing is sort of a story that the reader will never find in a manga. It is famous for its art and peculiar story, which makes it compelling and beautiful at the same time.

The story takes place in the Tang Dynasty era of China (year 600), around the time of the Xuanwu Gate incident under the rule of the Prince of Qin, Li Shimin. The brother of Li Shimin engaged in a revolt and took the throne from Li Shimin, eventually killing him.

The daughter of Li Shin, named Chang Ge Li, hides her gender and identity and lives in the shadows to get revenge on her uncle to avenge her father. She is presumed dead by the rule of her uncle. Unexpected plot twists and exceptional characters are what makes this story unique. The Manhua is also being adapted into Donghua.

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5. Soulmate

“Soulmate” is a short-story Manhua focusing on romance and drama. It is written by Ke ran Bing and drawn by Wenzhi Lizi.

The story revolves around two lovers, Yu Qi and Yuan Zi. The Manhua also includes the elements of time travel, all it took was for Yu to sleep in Yuan Zi’s warm lap, her girlfriend, and when she wakes up, she finds herself ten years back in the past.

Qi sees this as a chance to save her girlfriend, Yuan Zi, from getting terminally ill once again. Will she be able to overcome all the overcoming obstacles?

4. Lovely Everywhere

Lovely Everywhere is a Manhua that disguises itself as a shojo manga and is a perfect starting point for every fan of the Shojo demographic. The Manhua is written and drawn by Yuxi Ke.

The story follows a girl named Danwei Tong, a teenager who is obsessed with having a boyfriend and marrying him. Sadly, Danwei Tong looks absurdly young for her age, which causes many men to pass over her. The story takes a turn when she meets a boy at an average run to the grocery store.

3. Blood and Steel

blood and steel manhua

Blood and Steel take inspiration and notes from Japanese war mangas, making it a perfect blend of action and adventure. The Manhua is written by Jingfu Qiao and drawn by Meng Ma.

The Mahua revolves around China’s warring states, when there was nothing but chaos. The story follows the destruction of Qincheng, a holy mountain in China, by a martial art fanatic group from Wudong who claimed themselves to be the strongest and killed everyone in their way to prove it certainly.

Luckily, an individual known as Wudang Hunter, named Jing Lie, saved a powerful swordsman from the eradication of Qincheng. The Wudang Hunter and Jing Lie were the only remnants of their clan, and they formed an unlikely alliance to take revenge on the people of Wudong.

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2. The Devil Butler

the devil butler manuha

The Devil Butler is one of the most famous Manhua currently published. The Manhua takes a contrasting idea on the Korean Manwhas with the topic of the Demon King.

Manhua revolves around a demon king named Yifan Zhuo, who protects his land with exceptional knowledge and power. One day, he gets a betrayal that no one saw coming; Yifan Zhuo tries to reincarnate himself till his last breath. Yifan Zhuo finally gets reincarnated but in a body of a servant. 

Yifan, now known as Fan, is surprised that the servant has a bond with a mistress named Yungchang Luo. Now, with the help of Lady Luo, Fan embarks on a journey to regain his title as the Demon King.

1: The Ravages of Time

The Ravages of Time is a perfect starting point for readers who like to read war stories. It is written and drawn by Mou Chan.

It follows the historical events of almost 2000 years ago, during the Han Dynasty of China, where the three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu, and Wu, ruled. This period is also called the Three Kingdoms Period.

It was China’s most significant historical pact when that prosperous era fell. The story follows the perspective of the people of the Sima clan, which is united, thanks to the three Kingdoms. The top-notch art style of Mou Chan is bound to make the reader invested in the Manhua with the themes of intricate politics and the relationship between warlords.

Where To Read Manuha? Unfortunately, there are no official sources to read Manuha in English. However, there are many unofficial sources that provide Manuha on their website.

These are the Manhuas considered the best starting point for readers who want to get into this comic style. Let us know in the comments what you think!

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