Top 10 Best Beginner-Friendly Manhwa

Similar to Manga, the Japanese comic publishing format, exists another comic format called Manwha, locally known as Webtoon. Manwha mainly consists of full-color, horizontal lead pages and a cartoonish art format.

best manhwa for beginners

Manwha is the publishing format that originated in South Korea in the early 1920s when Japan controlled South Korea. Manwha and Manga mean “Comic” in both languages. Unlike Manga, Manwha is read from right to left and horizontally, keeping the English language format. The artist for Manwha is known as ‘Manwhaga.’

With thousands of manhwa available and new releases each week, selecting the perfect one can be a daunting task. Here are some highly recommended manhwa that serve as an excellent starting point for anyone new to this comic format!

10. Bastard

Bastard is a famous Manwha that significantly impacted the whole industry. The Manwha was published in an online magazine called ‘Naver Webtoon’ from July 2014 to March 2017. Carnby Kim drew the storyboards, and the leading illustrator of the series was Yeong-Chan Hwang.

Bastard is a fast-paced thriller Manwha with a peculiar plot that revolves around a high-schooler named Jin Seon, the son of a famous-successful businessman and a charitable personality. Jin Seon’s life turns upside down when he discovers his father is a serial killer.

Jin Seon gets entangled in his father’s crimes and tries to halt the further bloodshed that his father, Dong-Soo Seon, will cause. 

‘Bastard’ is full of intense, suspenseful narratives and psychological storytelling.

9. Sweet Home

Sweet Home is penned by the authors of Bastard, Carnby Kim, and Yeong-Chan Hwan. After their successful Manwha ‘Bastard’ reached its climax, the duo started another mystery and psychological Manwha named ‘Sweet Home,’ famous for its dark atmospheric storytelling.

Sweet Home was published in an online magazine called ‘Naver Webtoon’ from October 2017 to July 2020. The story of this Manwha revolves around Cha-Hyun Soo, who was forced to isolate himself after a tragedy in his family.

A few moments later, a mysterious phenomenon started occurring, and many humans transformed into monsters.

Cha-Hyun Soo, now trapped inside his apartment with many other survivors, is forced to form an unlikely team to fight through the horde of monsters while going through inner conflicts. The Manwha was also adapted into a live-action Korean drama series that further commercialized the Manwha’s success.

8. Death’s Game

Death’s Game is a Manwha written by Won-Silk Lee and drawn by Kklulchan. The Manwha was published in the online magazine ‘Naver Webtoon’ from April 2019 to July 2020.

Death’s Game revolves around a 31 years old guy Ee Jae Chae, who graduated college but has failed to land a job ever since. Burdened by societal pressures, Ee Jae Chae took his own life without knowing the consequences.

Ee Jae Chae meets a personality named ‘Death’ who will make Ee Jae Chae live 13 lives full of hardships, each having contrasting situations. All 13 lives are for Ee Jae Chae to reflect on his decision to take his own life.

7. Viral Hit

Viral Hit is a famous Manwha written by Tae-Jun Park and illustrated by Jung-Hyun Kim; published in an online magazine called ‘Naver Webtoon,’ in November 2019 and is still ongoing.

Viral Hit revolves around a boy named Ho-Bin Yoo, who is from a low-income family and consistently gets bullied in high school. Ho-Bin Yoo is the last individual that anyone would not expect to be in a fight.

Ho-Bin’s life changes instantly when he starts following a mysterious channel on NewTube with 0 followers. The channel’s creator teaches secret martial art techniques and tips that are rarely talked about.

With the help of that channel, Ho-Bin learns to fight back against the bullies and creates his channel, which blows up within a minute. 

6. Wind Breaker

Wind Breaker is one of the most recognized Manwhas of this generation. It is written and drawn by Yong Seok Jo, Published in ‘Naver Webtoon’ in December 2013, and is still ongoing.

Wind Breaker revolves around competitive BMX racing. The story follows a talented but competitively novice BMX racer named Jay. After moving to a new town, Jay joins the high school cycling team.

Despite being a novice at competitive cycling, Jay shows remarkable efforts and potential in the intense races within the community.

Combining the elements of sports and drama, Wind Breaker shows the development of Jay’s character and his progress throughout his newfound world of competitive BMX racing.

5. The Horizon

The Horizon is a Manwha that is short yet impactful. The Manwha is written and drawn by Ji-Hun Jeong. It was published in the “Naver Comica” magazine from March 2016 to July 2016.

The Manwha revolves around a world where everything is lost due to apocalyptical destruction. The story follows a boy who lost his loved ones to the apocalyptic event and, down the road, meets a girl in the midst of a sea of dead bodies. Two strangers, now friends, are on the journey to see what’s on the end of the long road ahead of them.

The Manwha has significant suspenseful storytelling, compelling narratives, and a thriller adventure full of twists.

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4. Noblesse

Noblesse is one of the longest-running yet compelling Manwha of all time. It was written by Jae-Ho Son, drawn by Gwang-Su Lee, and published in the online magazine “Naver Webtoon” from December 2007 to January 2019.

The Manwha follows the story of a noble named Cadis Etrama Di Raziel, also known as Rai, a vampire with exceptional abilities who slept for 820 years straight. After waking up from his prolonged sleep, Cadis finds himself in the modern world, where he is joined by his loyal servant named Frankenstein and navigates through the world of supernatural beings, Nobles, and humans.

The Manwha focuses on Cadis’s development and familiarity with the modern world he finds himself. The Manwha is known for its unique drama, action, and characters. The Manwha has been adapted into multiple anime series and animated film.

3. Tower Of God

Tower Of God is a Manwha that gained significant popularity in Korea and Internationally. The Manwha was written and drawn by Slave In Utero (Commonly known as SIU) and was first published in the online magazine “Naver Webtoon” in June 2010.

Tower Of God revolves around the main protagonist Twenty-Fifth Bam, also known as Baam, who is on a journey to find their friend, Rachel, in the great tower that seemingly grants any wish of the individual who reaches the top.

The Manwha takes on the fantasy genre, unlike other Manwha, and is praised for its intricate world-building, compelling characters, and keeping the plot’s tone Mysterious. Tower Of God has been adapted into an anime, and the second season of the anime is already in production.

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2. The Boxer

The Boxer is another famous Manwha by the author of The Horizon, Ji-Hun Jeong. The Manwha was published in the online magazine “Naver Webtoon” from December 2019 to May 2022.

The Manwha follows the main protagonist, Yu, a 17-year-old boy bullied in school enough to become emotionally numb; who was no longer considered a normal human being, making him disassociate himself from society. Yu possesses an exceptional talent for dodging anything that comes at him but finds no meaning in his survival.

The story takes a significant turn when a fateful meeting between Yu and a professional but old boxing trainer nicknamed “K” occurs.  In his life, K has trained and raised five professional boxers. Because of his experience, K immediately noticed Yu’s superhuman-like charisma and took him under his wing albeit Yu’s lack of interest in fighting.

While focusing mainly on sports, the Manwha also follows personal growth, self-discovery, and character development throughout the story. An anime adaptation of The Boxer was recently announced and is in the early stages of production.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is the most famous Manwha of all time. It was converted from the web novel bearing the same name, written by Chu-gong and drawn by REDICE Studio.

Solo Leveling follows the main protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, in the world where the portals to the monster world have opened, and many people have gained extraordinary abilities. The people are called “Hunters” who hunt down the monsters by going through the portals. Sung Jin-Woo is an “E” rank hunter, considered the lowest rank.

After a tragedy in the portal, Sung Jin-Woo was also immediately hospitalized with other hunters. After Jin-Woo’s recovery, he mysteriously receives an ability called” Level,” which allows him to level up his abilities, similar to a video game.

After being discharged from the hospital, Jin-Woo embarks on the journey to become the strongest hunter in the mysterious world he inhabits.

The series mainly focuses on Action and adventure, with a bit of romance and drama. An anime adaptation for Solo Leveling was recently announced by A-1 Pictures.

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Most of these Manwha can be read from their official sources; some of them are:

Apart from these selections, numerous other Manhwa also make excellent starting points for newcomers. We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions in the comments!

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