Oda Reveals What Would Happen to the One Piece Series If Something Were To Happen To Him

Imagine the unthinkable: a beloved manga series loses its creator before reaching a proper climax. Devastating, right? We’ve seen this happen with High School of the Dead and the legendary Berserk manga series. Following Kentaro Miura’s passing, tributes poured in for the late Berserk creator, and his assistant even took the reins to carry the manga towards a climax. But what if another legendary mangaka, Eiichiro Oda, hinted at One Piece’s future if something unexpected happened to him?

Popular Twitter account @sandman_AP, known for translating Eiichiro Oda’s interviews, dropped another important piece of information from a 2017 interview, where Oda discussed One Piece’s fate if he were to pass away. According to Oda, his assistants would step in to take care of the manga’s climax, ensuring that the story would continue.

On April 2, 2023, sandman took to Twitter to share a snippet from a 2017 interview with Eiichiro Oda:

In the shared post, Oda addresses a question that most fans are hesitant to ask their favorite mangaka. He begins by explaining that a large team supports him in creating the One Piece anime and manga. As a result, Oda’s primary responsibility lies with the story, which alleviates any pressure he might feel. He concedes that should he pass away, the One Piece manga would not be significantly affected, as his assistants and collaborators would step in to manage the story’s climax.

Regarding One Piece’s conclusion, it’s likely that Oda has already shared the ultimate fate of Luffy’s journey with his editors. This precaution ensures that if anything were to happen to him, his loyal readers would still be able to experience the story’s intended ending.

The Reaction of the Masses to This Tweet

With nearly 100k views, this tweet has sparked a wave of discontent among One Piece fans. Reactions range from:

  • “That’s what people said about Berserk, but it will never be the same.”
  • “What wouldn’t have a big impact? I fail to understand the translation of this. It would have a BIG impact if OP and the creator were gone; the whole IP would suffer. What does he mean?”
  • “I will stop reading if the author is not involved. Not a big impact?”
  • “One Piece is not One Piece without Oda.”

Clearly, fans are feeling a mix of confusion, anger, and sadness over the revelation. Some even question the accuracy of sandman’s translation, finding it hard to believe that Oda would make such a statement.

Is It Fair to the Fans?

Judging from the reactions, fans feel slighted by Oda’s statement. While it’s considerate of him to reassure fans that One Piece’s ending will be in capable hands should he pass away, claiming there would be “no significant impact” on the series without him is disheartening. Fans’ love for One Piece is deeply connected to Oda’s involvement, and that bond will endure.

It’s possible that Oda made such a statement due to momentary stress (given his current health issues and sleep deprivation) or perhaps sandman’s translation was not entirely accurate. Regardless, the tweet seems unfair to the devoted One Piece fans who have followed the series for years. In light of the reactions to this post, it’s possible that Oda will take his health more seriously going forward.

Oda Reveals What Would Happen to The One Piece Series After He Died.

One Piece, an action-adventure manga series, began its journey on July 22, 1997. The series is currently at chapter 1080, with its official release slated for April 9, 2023. Oda recently divulged the backstory of Roronoa Zoro in an SBS, and even engaged with the CHATGPT software to discuss a One Piece chapter storyline. He also shared his opinion on fanservice and what makes a woman appealing.

We’re curious to hear your thoughts on this matter. Do you think Oda’s statement was fair? We’d love to know your perspective! Please share your opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Twitter

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