Top 10 LGBTQ+ Anime That Portray Diversity

Anime, a global phenomenon, is celebrated not only for its compelling narratives and intricate characterizations but also for its commitment to portraying a spectrum of identities, notably those within the LGBTQ+ community.

Handled with care and authenticity, such representation has created a rich tapestry of anime series that resonate deeply with fans.

Top 10 LGBTQ Anime

Here are the top 10 anime that discuss LGBTQ+ relationships as the main focus, are entertaining, shine the light on the problems, and promote acceptance of LGBTQ+ in today’s society. Whether you are a supporter or a community member, these anime will keep you engaged with their diverse characters.

10. Bloom Into You

bloom into you anime

Bloom Into You is a famous Girls’ Love anime adapted from a manga bearing the same name, written and drawn by Nio Nakatani. Bloom Into You is widely considered the best Girls’ Love animanga of today’s generation.

The Anime follows the story of Yuu Koito, who loves to read Shoujo demographic love stories and awaits the day she gets confessed by someone.

After someone confessed to her, she felt nothing and was disappointed in herself. Yuu, still confused, begins high school, Where she gets to meet Touko Nanami, the Student Council President.

Yuu sees Touko turning down a confession with such maturity that she thinks to seek her help. But who knew that Touko would be the next person to confess to Yuu? That marks the beginning of Yuu’s romantic life she used to dream of.

9. Yuri!!! On ICE

yuri on ice anime

Yuri!!! On ICE is an original and exceptional ice skating anime animated by Studio Mappa and aired from October 2016 to December 2016. It blends sports and romance genres perfectly and was critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike.

The story follows a professional ice skater named Yuuri Katsuki, who was a representative of Japan in the Grand Prix Ice skating competition, keeping his eyes on the grand prize. Unfortunately, Yuuri lost Grand Prix, which was a lot to take in, leading him to retire from his passion.

After Yuuri’s fateful meeting with the champion, Viktor Nikiforov, and the rising star Yuuri Plistesky, the ice skating passion was re-ignited in Yuuri Katsuki. Yuri!!! On ICE is the best example of an anime that defies stereotypes and focuses on same-sex relationships between the characters.

8. The Stranger By The Shore

stranger by the shore anime

The Stranger By The Shore is an anime movie adapted from the short manga bearing the same name, written and drawn by Kanna Kii. It is a gem in the ocean of LGBTQ+ anime.

The story follows an aspiring novelist named Shun Hashimoto, who has no one to turn to and, ultimately, goes to his parents. Everything changes when Shun Hashimoto meets a high schooler on a beach, Mio Chibana. Shun and Mio click off instantly, sharing the same interests. 

Unfortunately, Mio Chibana was bound to leave for his mainland. After three years, Mio has returned, realizes his feelings for Shun, and wants to confess them. The series also has a touch of drama and slice of life.

7. No. 6

lgbtq anime

“No. 6” is an anime adapted from the critically acclaimed novel that bore the same name, written by Atsuko Asano. The animation was brought to the screen thanks to the famous Studio Bones, which aired from July 2011 to September 2011.

No. 6 takes place in a world where a great war took place, and after the war, most of mankind was divided into a handful of states to live in. For the war elites, life was privileged and perfect. 

The story follows a boy named Shion, whose life became a nightmare, who helped a mysterious boy named Rat, stay in his apartment for the night.

After the disappearance of Rat, Shion was stripped from all of the privileges of the elite and was forced to live in the outskirts. Out of nowhere, Rat reappears to help Shion, and they start developing a relationship gradually. 

Now together, Shion and Rat will discover the secrets and mysteries in the heart of the states.  

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6. Sasaki To Miyano

sasaki to miyano anime lgbtq anime

Sasaki To Miyano is one of the most anticipated anime adaptations of its time, as the manga had massive popularity among readers. Sasaki To Miyano was adapted by Studio DEEN and aired from January 2022 to March 2022.

The anime follows the story of a shy and quiet boy named Miyano, who spends most of his time reading Boys’ Love manga and continually worries about his facial features.

Miyano’s life takes a turn when he sees a high schooler named Sasaki in a middle of a fight. Now, Miyano is finding even a slight chance to get to know Sasaki to make his fantasy world a reality.

Miyano will take every chance to get to know Sasaki, even if it is life-threatening. Later, Miyano’s Admiration turned into pure affection. 

5. Doukyuusei -Classmate-

Doukyuusei -Classmate- anime lgbtq+

Doukyuusei -Classmate- is an anime movie adapted from a 2-part manga released in February 2016. The movie was animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Shouko Nakamura.

Doukyuusei follows the story of a high schooler named Sajou, a high achiever and the honor student of his school, and a boy named Kusakabe, who is popular among the girls because of his talent of playing guitar in his band, better than anyone in the school.

A meeting was impossible between Kusakabe and Sajou.

In the upcoming chorus school festival, Kusakabe offered to help Sajou, and they began to hit off instantly. The development of their relationship and acceptance of the same-sex relationship is something peculiarly portrayed in the anime.

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4. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard

lgbtq anime

The Case Files Of Jeweler Richard is an anime that Studio Shuka adapted from a light novel by renowned author Nanako Tsujimura.

The anime follows the appraiser, Richard Ranashinha de Vulpian, short Ricky, and his part-time worker Seigi Nakata. Ricky is a jewelry enthusiast; on the other hand, Seigi is a university student. Together, they solve hidden mysteries about jewelry owners and their psychological aspects.

The series focuses on the development of Seigi and Richard’s relationship while investigating the mysteries behind the jewels.

3. Yes, No, or Maybe?

yes no or maybe

“Yes, No, or Maybe?” is a short anime movie adapted from a light novel bearing the same name, written by Michi Ichino, and adapted into an anime movie by Studio Lesprit.

The story follows a famous newscaster named Kei Kunieda, who has two different personalities, one for the outside world and one that he keeps to his inner self. To the outside world, he is known as the perfect prince. Kei is reunited with a famous personality he interviewed, named Ushio Tsuzuki.

Fortunately, Ushio could not recognize Kei as he was in his “inner self” disguise. After a few moments, Kei reveals his name to Ushio, Owari, and they start hitting off. The fantastic development of their friendship to something more significant is flawless.

2. Given

lgbtq anime

Given is known as the most famous Boys’ Love anime ever because of its complex characters and diversity throughout the story. The anime was adapted from a manga by Studio Lerche, written and drawn by Natsuki Kizu.

The story follows a high school student named Mafuyu Satou, who lost his interest in music as his Gibson guitar’s strings rusted and eventually broke. Mafuyu meets with a famous guitarist from his school named Ritsuka Uenoyama, who scolds him for not caring enough for his guitar.

Mafuyu requests Ritsuka to repair his guitar and teach him to play it properly. Ritsuka agrees to help and teach him, and eventually, he invites Mafuyu to his band’s jam session, where Mafuyu gets to meet two more talented individuals. This situation eventually leads Mafuyu to move on from his ex and develop feelings for Ritsuka.

Given is a perfect blend of emotional storytelling, realistic characters, and the control of complex emotions. 

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1. Banana Fish

banana fish anime lgbtq

Banana Fish is an anime that breaks significant stereotypes and explores everything differently. The anime was adapted by Studio MAPPA from the classic-hit manga bearing the same name. 

The story follows Ash Lynx, an inexplicable and charismatic teenage gang leader in the heart of New York City, and the competitive Pole Vaulter, Eiji Okimura, who retired from his sportsmanship due to an injury. Eiji encountered Ash while working as an assistant to write a report on gangs in America.

The main plotline revolves around a mysterious drug called “Banana Fish,” which Ash Lynx gets his hands on. Accompanied by Eiji, Ash is on a journey to discover the dark mystery behind the drug, eventually entangling themselves in corruption and significant conspiracies. 

The story focuses on the development of Ash and Eiji through the situations and hardships they face throughout the journey. Banana Fish has a little for everyone. 

These are some anime that portray the hardships of LGBTQ+ members realistically and challenge stereotypes, and foster affinity. Let us know in the comments what you think about this list!

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