Top 6 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Answer

Humans have always been intrigued by mysteries, and One Piece is no exception to this rule. From the very beginning, the series has presented mind-boggling riddles that have piqued the interest of its fans. While it’s up to the fans to come up with theories until the official manga reveals them, there are still some critical theories that the author, Eiichiro Oda, has forgotten to address. As One Piece enters its final stage, fans eagerly anticipate answers to these long-awaited mysteries. However, it seems that Oda may have a bit of an air-headed approach towards them.

We shall look at the top 6 One Piece questions which the One Piece author forgot to answer.

6. How did Luffy get his Chest Scar?

Top 5 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Explain!

The main protagonist of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy, is a fearless yet clumsy fighter who is not scared to enter any fight. And because of such fights, he suffers consequences, such as his life getting reduced. And one such consequence is his iconic X-shaped “Chest Scar”. Most people think this came from his fight with Akanu during the Paramount Arc, but this scar was also seen during pre-time skip when Luffy fought with Zoro when Zoro got hypnotized. So, where did he get this scar?

This story is quite interesting as Oda revealed this in an SBS in one of the volumes of One Piece, which was way after this scar made the headlines. So, it is safe to presume that Eiichiro Oda forgot to clarify this, as it was not that big of a detail for him!

5. Where did the Six Forms Fighting Style go?

Top 5 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Explain!

Besides Haki, the Six Forms fighting style was one of the unique techniques in One Piece. The Six Forms Style is a fighting technique in which the person defies common sense and does actions like flying, using a finger to cause massive damage and other bizarre stuff. This style was first introduced to us by the CP9 agency, and since then, we have seen many strong people like Garp and Coby use it. So, where did such an innovative fight style go?

The most obvious answer is that Oda might have gotten fed up with this technique after the post-time skip as he focused more on explaining the concept of Haki. Besides Vergo and Who’s-Who, no one has displayed the Six Forms Fighting technique after the time skip. Even in Wano, no one had an idea for this, and no sign of this technique being explained in the future!

4. Why is Sanji not affected by his Flaming foot during the fighting?

Top 5 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Explain!

Currently, in the anime, Sanji is wreaking havoc as he is showing signs of awakening his true powers, and one technique used profusely is Diable Jambe. This technique makes Sanji’s feet flame, and he can kick with increased impact. When he learned this technique before time-skip, he used to blow this fire out by spinning, as this seemed to hurt his leg. So, how can he use this technique without any problem now?

Oda does not provide the answer to this in anyways, and we can only presume that his leg has developed a resistance against fire, which is utterly impossible for a human. But, as One Piece logic goes, where Zoro can survive even after falling from the sky, this is a safe guess, right?

3. Why are female character designs drawn so awkwardly?

Top 5 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Explain!

One Piece has one of the most attractive females, ranging from the cute and innocent Princess Shirahoshi and the mature and modern Straw Hat Girls (Nami and Robin). But something about their character designs feels awkward. All of the female characters of One Piece have skinny bodies, and the main focus is the chest region. Do females in One Piece not require any space for internal organs? So, is Oda just a man of culture like us, or is there a reason behind this?

Well, this was also something Oda didn’t consider necessary to explain. Although Paula, a member of Baroque Words, fits in this design description as her devil fruit powers allow her to change her body structure. But this does apply to any other One Piece female character!

2. Why was Armament Haki not visually shown during the pre-time skip?

Top 5 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Explain!

Haki is a way of utilizing your inner powers to use it in many different ways. Haki was used from the start in One Piece and was available even in the starting arcs but as a different name (Such as Enel’s Mantra, which in reality is Observation Haki). But when Luffy met Garp after Enies Lobby arc, Garp smacked his head using Armament Haki, and this Haki was not visualized (when someone uses Armament Haki, their hand gets blackened, just like steel). So, why was such an important detail missed?

Well, this was also not answered by Oda. One might think this was to avoid spoiling the fans about the actual effects of Haki on the wielder, but wouldn’t it have been better to introduce that before rather than later? Mystery!

1. Why did Robin not reveal Sabo’s living status to Luffy after the time skip?

Top 5 One Piece Questions Oda Forgot to Explain!

This question might be the spiciest yet. After Paramount Arc, the Straw decided to meet after two years instead of three days. So, everyone starts working hard to grow their abilities for the squad. Robin, out of all the Straw Hats, decides to go with the Revolutionary Army to train, where Sabo is present. So, why was there no mention of Sabo from Robin after the time skip regarding this?

Surprise Surprise! No answer from Oda. One can assume that either Robin was trying to keep this a secret from Luffy, as she knew their bond was strong, or Sabo would have convinced her to avoid talking about him to Luffy. Either way, this is as much a mystery for you as it is for us!

What are your thoughts on these questions? Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions while watching One Piece? Let us know in the comments down below.

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