9 Most Hated (Justifiably) Anime Characters of All Time

There are tons of characters in anime that are hated, some for no reason and others for lots. But there are a few characters that whenever they are on-screen, you feel like getting up and slapping them across the face. Today, we will be discussing these characters, and as the title says we’ll be ignoring the unjust hate today. Instead, we’ll be ranking some of the most justifiably hated characters in all of anime.

Alert: There will be spoilers for some series, you have been warned. So without further ado, let’s see if you all hate these characters as much as I do!

9. Minoru Mineta

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai
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My Hero Academia

First, we have the most hated MHA character, Minoru Mineta! Now he’s put on the lesser hated side of this list, but don’t get me wrong, Mineta gets some serious hate. And pretty much all of it, if not all, is pretty well deserved!

Mineta is the token “anime pervert” character of the series. Which means he was always destined to be hated. But Mineta always seems to take it a step further from the occasional nosebleed or ogling that other pervert characters show. Instead, we have seen scenes of Mineta groping Tsuyu and when he forced Momo to give him a piggyback ride by sticking to her via his grapes. But the worst thing Mineta has done, the thing that put him in this hated position was when he said this to Eri, “I’m Mineta, I can’t wait to see how you look in ten years.” That line alone and its implication puts him up on this list.

Let us pray that he doesn’t get to see the Invisible Girl or else he might not be able to control himself.

8. Gabi Braun

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai
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Attack On Titan

Up next on the list we have Gabi Braun! Now, I will agree with most fans that she should be deeper down on this list. But compared to what some of these other characters are hated for and the fact that she’s had a “redemption”, I’ll be nice.

Gabi is hated for… several things. However, what I think takes the cake is how much of a hypocrite she is. Of course, there are other reasons but my reason and the reason I never see being highlighted is that she’s a major hypocrite. In the first episode we see her it seems almost as if she loves going to war… She rushes into the battlefield, tricking the enemy by claiming to be a civilian then bombs them and runs away excitedly. She’s been to multiple wars and has no opposition to war and killing, but when Marley gets attacked she doesn’t understand why this is happening. She acts as if Marley is innocent when she has seen firsthand how much of a monster the country she fights for truly is.

Of course at the end of the day that doesn’t really matter as we all know the true reason Gabi is so hated, and thus on this list. She killed Sasha. That’s more than enough reason.

7. Mahito

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai
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Jujutsu Kaisen

Some of you may not agree with this pick. However, I for one have an intense dislike for his character. There are plenty of major moments from the manga that make me hate Mahito but sadly those reasons are manga spoilers. Anime-only fans will have to wait and see all the heinous things he does. Until then I still have moments to pick from the anime that will justify mine and others’ dislike for him!

If you haven’t figured out why I hate Mahito so much you either haven’t watched Jujutsu Kaisen or you’ve forgotten, either way, allow me to fill you in. Junpei Yoshino was a typical shonen character, a bullied loner who has powers stronger than everyone else. Many who didn’t know what was coming were excited to see Junpei and Itadori’s rivalry and friendship grow as the series went on. Of course, all that was shattered when Mahito used his idle transfiguration and transfigured Junpei’s soul into a curse, forcing Itadori to kill his new friend. Do you see why I hate the guy? Exactly! You should too.

6. Rachel

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai

Tower of God

Now I’ll admit, I haven’t read or watched Tower of God as of yet. However, I do know everything about Rachel and what a horrible person she is. Her reputation precedes her. In fact, I know more about her than the actual series itself! Without going into spoilers, here’s a rough explanation as to why Rachel is so hated.

First off, Rachel is just overall strange no one can ever really tell what she’s thinking and due to this she often comes off as selfish. She shows a clear inferiority complex towards the other characters and makes it very clear that she envies the main character, Baam. On top of that, it seems that she spends a lot of time in the series screaming and throwing tantrums. And of course, the main reason she is hated is for pushing Baam out, the titular tower, the tower of god. Let me know your thoughts on Rachel down below. And of course Tower of God fans please correct me if I messed something up or missed out on something!

5. Malty Melromarc

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai

Rising of the Shield Hero

There are a lot of words one can use to describe Malty Melromarc. To be nice we’ll stick with, unpleasant woman. Malty is known across the anime community, even those who haven’t watched Rising of the Shield Hero know who this is and why she is hated. The character recently started trending once more because people have been comparing her to Amber Heard!

As most already know Malty is mainly hated for falsely accusing the Shield Hero, Naofumi of rap*ng her. This act ruined his reputation and overall his life since his once allies now view him as a rapist. That’s the main reason Malty is hated, but would you be surprised if I said there’s more? To no one’s surprise, the list of things she could be hated for is endless.

4. Danzo Shimura

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai

Naruto Shippuden

I’m sure everyone reading this is familiar with this face. With that said I’m also sure many of you readers hate this face. Over here we have Danzo Shimura, the Shadow Hokage of the Konoha Village. After much consideration, Danzo has just nearly broken into the top ten hated anime characters of all time! If it weren’t for the people left on the list he might have gone further.

The reason Danzo is hated is clear as water. The murder of the Uchiha clan. Not only did Danzo run Shisui and Itachi’s peaceful option by taking one of Shisui’s eyes. He also forced Itachi’s hand and essentially forced him to kill his fellow Uchihas. Aside from that Danzo also did several other heinous things during the Naruto series. One of the most often mentioned is that he tried to have his long-time friend the 3rd Hokage killed because he viewed Hiruzen as weak. But one of his worst acts, that many Naruto fans tend to forget, occurred when he leaked that Naruto was the nine-tailed fox jinchuriki. Thus making him responsible, or at least partially responsible for Naruto’s horrible childhood. If you don’t already hate him, that should seal the deal!

3. Nobuyuki Sugou

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai

Sword Art Online

This is the man who imprisoned Asuna alongside 300 other SAO players right as the SAO server was shut down. He then used these 300 minds as guinea pigs for his mind control research. If this isn’t enough reason to hate him, don’t worry, there’s much more coming.

Sugou gave fans more reason to hate him when he imprisoned Asuna and repeatedly came to harass her after taking away all her abilities. He claims it’s fine since her hand in marriage is promised to him. During this time he was fully aware that she was in love with Kirito. He even went as far as to restrain Kirito and then sexually assault Asuna right in front of him knowing he couldn’t do anything. The list of horrible things he’s done could go on forever. Like when he lowered Kirito’s pain absorbers to 0, so he would feel the torture he put him through. Of course, he also showed how conceited he truly is when he made the final quest in ALO impossible just so he could watch the players try to reach him and fail.

But by far probably the worst thing Nobuyuki did was when attempted to murder Kirito, a minor, in the real world! Everything else was online, but this actually physically happened! On top of that when he was arrested for his crimes he showed no remorse attempting to pin the blame on the dead Akihiko Kayaba. Overall Nobuyuki Sugou deserves every piece of hate he gets, and more!

2. Seryu Ubiquitous

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai

Akame Ga Kill

If you’ve watched Akame Ga Kill you know full well why this evil woman is on the list. And quite frankly, if it weren’t for our next entry she might have taken the number one spot! Of course, I could have used a better picture of the Jaeger member, but I believe that this one really envisions her personality perfectly.

There is so much I could say about this “justice” seeking cyborg. But for this article’s sake, I’ll have to keep it short. As mentioned Seryu is always seeking justice and doing the right thing, however, her sense of justice is very twisted. Although she originally appeared as a kind and caring person Seryu quickly showed us how much of a psychotic and sadistic person she is. Not only that she seems to genuinely love killing people who she deems evil. Going as far as to replace her flesh arms with robotic arms to do her job…better.

She is most hated for killing both Sheele and Chelsea in excessive fashion. Riddling Sheele’s body with bullets and putting Chelsea’s decapitated head on display. Not only that but she also nearly killed Mine with a suicide bombing towards the end of the series. There are a lot of words I could use to describe Seryu but for now, at least I’ll just say that I hate her, and you all should as well!

1. Shou Tucker

The Most (Justifiably) Hated Characters In All of Anime | Anime Senpai

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Ladies and gentlemen, to no one’s surprise easily coming in at first place for the most hated character in all of anime, is Shou Tucker! Now Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood holds a very special place in my heart, seeing as how it was my first anime and one of my favourites. With that said, Shou Tucker also holds a very special place in my heart, a place of hatred. And I’m sure those who have watched the series would agree with me.

The main reason Shou is on this list is of course what he did to his daughter and her dog, an image I’m sure you all remember vividly. However, people often forget that this wasn’t the first time he did something that messed up. Fans of the series may remember a dialogue between Shou Tucker and Edward where he reveals that he did the same thing to his wife! That’s 2 for 2, Mr. Tucker! And to make matters worse, Shou Tucker feels no remorse or guilt for what he’s done. Claiming that he’s done it all in the name of science and alchemy.

Shou Tucker deserves every shred of hate he gets for what he did to his family. And for that reason, he takes the number one spot out of everyone else on this list.

With so many anime series, releasing every season, we are sure to get more than we will get introduced to a character which might be more disliked than all the mentioned on this list.

Do you agree with our picks and where we’ve put these characters? Or do you think we missed some characters? As usual, we love to hear from our readers, so be sure to let us know in the comment section below!

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