Toptoon’s Parent Company Opens New Studio In Japan

TOPCO, the company that operates Toptoon platform, announced on September 28 the establishment of a new studio in Japan.

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Toptoon is an online platform which publishes Korean web novels (Webtoon/Manhwa), primarily known to worldwide fans for adult webtoons, including Secret Class, Stepmother’s Friends, Boarding Diary and much more. Toptoon Plus is the official website that publishes these Webtoons in English translation.

Yoo Jung-seok, the TOPCO CEO, stated, “The Japanese comic market is about 7 trillion Won which makes it inevitable that we should establish a studio and expand our investment in the Japanese market.” He added, “Looking at this long term, we’ll be cultivating talent early and building an infrastructure so they can produce high-quality content.

He went on to state, “It’s important to establish a studio with professional producers in order to produce enjoyable physical comics in addition to webtoons for Japanese audiences as well as audiences around the world.”

TOPCO has already started securing web novel IPs through its subsidiary, Nobel Pia, with aspirations to make adaptations for the larger worldwide market. Plans are in the works to create material for services in countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, North America, and Europe.

Future Plans For Animation

Just like other fans, we were also curious about whether the new studio would be animating any Manhwa, so Anime Senpai reached out to Topco, who responded that they indeed have plans for animation content in the future.

We’re keeping future IPs under wraps, but it’ll be a combination of original content IPs as well as adaptations of webnovels from Novelpia. And I don’t think anyone would expect any studio established by TOPCO not to have adult content. For now, the studio will be focusing on webtoons and manga content with further animated adaptations planned for the future.

TL; DR: Toptoon’s parent company has opened a studio in Japan to produce physical manga/manhwa for Japanese audience as well as international fans. Animated adaptations of webtoons are planned for the future.

Source: Press Release

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