Tribute To Berserk And Miura Discovered In Elden Ring Game

Berserk is a manga series that has inspired a hold genre of games, and the influence of Berserk in Dark Souls is huge. For example, Soul games provide player with a variety of weapons, and large number of these weapons are drawn directly from the Berserk manga series. Recently, fans have discovered a Tribute to Berserk and Miura in the recently released Soul game.

The Elden Ring game just recently, and has taken internet by the storm. After a few days of the release, fans started posting about a burial place in the game which is quite similar to a place present in the Berserk manga.

In the game, that place is called “The field of swords” which is a reference to “The Hill of swords”. In the Berserk manga, The Hill of Swords is a memorial place for the Guts old crew, after something terrible happens to them. The large sword in the middle (only present in the game) is representing “Dragon Slayer”, which is Guts main weapon. Fans think that as the author of Berserk, Kentaro Miura has died, so this is a memorial to him.

Berserk is a manga series, written and drawn by Kentaru Miura. He began publishing the manga in 1989 in Hakusensha ‘s Monthly Animal House magazine, later moving it to the Young Animal magazine in 1992 where he continued to publish it until his death in May 2021. The publisher published the thirty-ninth compiled volume in June 2017, followed by the fortieth in September 2018 in Japan.

Source: YouTube

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