Ukranian Guy Has To Leave Genshin Impact Behind To Fight War

A Ukraninan Otaku has to leave his beloved game, Genshin Impact behind to defend his country. As you may all know that the situation between Ukraine and Russia is getting worse at the moment. Ukraine is defending its country alone, and the president has asked civilians to defend the country.

Recently, on a Genshin Impact sub-Reddit, a post has gone viral where a fan from Ukraine posted a farewell message for the community. The post is written as follows:

It’s been a year while I am playing with you guys, exploring Teyvat and just having all this fantastic experience. Now I can’t play, my country under attack. I’m here in Ukraine going tomorrow to join our army having no experience. But I will do it. I will really, really miss this game, miss this beautiful world, miss our funny chitchats. Hoping to see you and Teyvat soon.

Reddit user u/Bigbuy__ received a lot of moral support from the community, and comments like this can be seen on the post “Good luck friend, be sure to come back and save Teyvat too”. Hopefully, this situation will get better, and Genshin Impact fans from Ukraine will once again be playing the game without any kind of worries.

Genshin Impact is an open world role-playing game developed by Chinese developer mihoyo. It is available on mobile, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC. “Version 2.3” of the video game was released globally on November 24, while “Version 2.4” was released on January 5. The video game celebrated its first anniversary on September 28, and recorded earnings of more than 2 billion dollars in its first year.

Source: Reddit

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