Voice Actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki issues a handwritten apology for causing inconvenience

On August 30, through the official website voice actor Tatsuhisa Suzuki issued a handwritten apology letter.

Contents of the handwritten apology letter from Tatsuhisa Suzuki:

“I am very sorry for the inconvenience and concern caused by my irresponsible and inappropriate behavior. I am deeply sorry for my actions this time, and I strongly regret that I caused inconvenience and concern to various people by acting stupidly”

“From now on, I will deal with each matter more politely than ever with awareness of how much my behavior will affect the surroundings, and will spare no effort to face myself once again and act in good faith. I will do it.”

“Again, I deeply apologized to everyone who supported me. I’m really sorry”

On July 30, a Japanese blog “Bunshun Online” reported that Tatsuhisa Suzuki was cheating on her wife (LiSA) with a coworker in her twenties. After the news, both LiSA and Suzuki decided to take a break from their activities.

Lisa is a famous anime singer known for Demon Slayer openings “Gurenge” and “Homura”. She recently announced that she will be returning to performing “slowly”. Suzuki is a well known voice actor known for voicing Ban from Seven Deadly Sins and recently he is voicing Draken in Tokyo Revengers.

Source: Oricon

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