Voice Actress Sayaka Kanda Died After Falling From Upper Floors of Hotel

On Dec 18, it was revealed that voice actress Sayaka Kanda (35 year old) had died after falling from the upper floors of the hotel in Sapporo (Japan). She was hospitalized in an unconscious state, but was later pronounced dead. Hokkaido Police are investigating the details of the incident.

Sayaka Kanda was in Sapporo to attend a musical in which she was playing a lead role, so fans were surprised by her absence on the day of the performance. Staff also tried to contact her via phone, but they panicked when she did not answer anyone’s phone call. According to Yahoo News Japan, she was found dead on the 14th floor of the hotel where she was staying. The Hokkaido police were informed by the fire brigade department that she had fallen, and it is possible that she did so from the 20th floor or higher where she was standing (falling from 20th floor to the 14th floor).

The voice actress is known for voicing Yuna in Sword Art Online franchise, Shioji in Air Bound, Miharu Mashiki in Convenience Store Boy Friends and Anna in Fronzen Japansese dub.

Sayaka Kanda was born in 1986, she is the eldest daughter of actor Masateru Kanda (70 years old) and singer Seiko Matsuda (59 years old), and in recent years she has dedicated herself to musical performance. She made her career debut in 2001 at the age of 15, by appearing in a commercial.

According to investigators, they do not believe it was an accident, and are investigating the details of the circumstances that led to the fall and the possibility that Kanda jumped herself from the 20th floor.

Source: Yahoo News Japan

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