Petition Started To Remake Chainsaw Man Anime With A New Director

Chainsaw Man, the highly anticipated anime series, is coming to an end next week with its final episode of the Katana Man arc. While the anime was highly publicized and had high expectations, it ultimately slightly underperformed in ratings and sales. In response, a dedicated fan from Japan has started a petition on, a popular platform for online petitions, calling for the anime to be remade with a new director.

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The petition, titled “Please remake the anime ‘Chainsaw Man’ with a new director,” details the various issues with the current adaptation, in a 700-word description of the petition. The creator of the petition, a dedicated fan of the original manga, expresses disappointment in the anime version and laments the loss of the “momentum” that made the original work so charming.

One of the main issues raised in the petition is the interpretation of the original work by director Ryuu Nakayama. As cited in the petition, many fans have felt that there is a significant gap between Nakayama’s vision for the anime and the original manga.

Another major issue raised in the petition is the overall quality of the animation. While the animation itself has been praised for its high quality, there have been criticisms of the direction and storyboarding of the show, with some feeling that the impact of the battle scenes and gags has been lost due to a reliance on realism and excessive use of drawing strokes. In contrast, on SNS there are opinions that the Mappa studio’s “Dorohedoro,” the animation production company TRIGGER would have been the ideal direction for the Chainsaw Man animation.

Fan Started a Petition to Collect Signatures for Chainsaw Man to be Redone from Scratch

The music and sound design of the anime have also come under fire in the petition, with many fans feeling that the background music is unmemorable and that the sound effects, particularly the chainsaw sound, are lacking in power. In addition, there have been criticisms of the voice acting, particularly in the comedy scenes, which some feel are unsuccessful due to a lack of proper intonation and a failure to capture the essence of the characters.

The performance of the protagonist Denji in particular has been singled out for criticism in the petition. Compared to the original work, Denji’s portrayal is bleak and lacks the characteristic craziness, and Toya Kikunosuke’s casting as Denji is unpopular. Even before the anime adaptation, there were strong calls for Nobuhiko Okamoto to play the same role.

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Tatsuki Fujimoto’s views on the anime adaptation

The author of Chainsaw man, Tatsuki Fujimoto, was involved in the anime adaptation from the start, as the MAPPA production team considered his opinion in every aspect of the anime. He posted a tweet on the premiere of the anime:

The animation of Chainsaw Man is recommended because the OP, ED and video are good. It seems that the video changes every time the ED is done, so I recommend it. The OP is a good song that repeats many times, so I recommend it. The artwork is also very good, so I recommend it.

Tatsuki Fujimoto on Twitter (@nagayama_koharu)

But recently, in an interview, he explained that Chainsaw Man anime is a little weird as it does not follow the original manga art style because of its animation quality. But, he said that Chainsaw man anime could ignore the original manga and animate it however it seems best.

MAPPA has a reputation for receiving criticism for its animation, particularly its use of CGI. One well-known example is Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 1, where some staff members even deleted their Twitter accounts due to the backlash. Therefore, fans of Chainsaw Man expected similar issues with the anime adaptation.

Whether or not the petition will be successful remains to be seen. What are your thoughts on this petition? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.

Source: Twitter, Change.Org

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