Why Dark Continent Is So Feared In Hunter x Hunter World?

Many anime fans are familiar with the word ‘Dark Continent’ as this is supposed to the promised upcoming arc of Hunter x Hunter, that will take the series to the new heights of popularity. But, why is Dark Continent so feared in the Hunter x Hunter world that even the strongest hunter, Isaac Netero refused to go back there.

Where Is Dark Continent Located?

Hunter x Hunter world is much, much larger than our own world. In fact, some fans believe that Hunter x Hunter planet is 70 times larger than the earth. What we do know from the manga series is that all the known humanity is living on the islands surrounded by a giant lake. Keep in mind that these islands in Hunter x Hunter are as big as earths continents. The world surrounding the giant lake is called the Dark Continent.

Dark Continent creatures

Why Dark Continent Is Feared?

There has been 149 times an attempt has been made to discover what lies on the Dark Continent. Only 5 attempts have been successful in terms that they were able to return with a few survivors.

Remember the Chimera Ants that terrorized to wipe out the whole humanity? The strongest hunter, Netero was barely able to defeat the Chimera Ant king, Mereum. These ants came from the dark continent, and they are nowhere near to the top of the food chain.

Chimera ants dark continent

Some of the known dark world creatures other than Chimera Ants include Nanika, which is a gaseous form residing in the body of Killua’s sister, Alluka. Nanika is supposed to have a power to wipe out the entire human world just by speaking. The good thing is that she sees Killua as her big brother, and not an imminent threat to humanity.

dark continent creatures

Another creature from the Dark Continent is Brion, who has a human shaped body with a giant head. These creatures are guarding an ancient city where an herb is found that can cure the illness caused by 10,000 different diseases. Humans who went to the dark continent tried to steal the herb, but the brians destroyed them effortlessly.

These are some of the creatures that are encountered by the humans who dared to journey to the dark continent. Who knows what more dangerous creatures are still present in the unknown world.

When Dark Continent Arc Will Begin?

Hunter x Hunter, author Togashi is currently writing ‘Succession Arc’, where a king is going to die, and his children a plotting to take the throne by killing their own relatives. Many parties are involved in this struggle of power, including Kurapika who is the main protagonist of the current arc.

These all events are happening while aboard on a massive ship (which looks like a fish) which is headed to the Dark Continent. The majority of the fans believe that the new arc will explore more of the Dark Continent.

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