Will There Be Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3?

The final episode of the Rising of the Shield Hero has finished airing. The 2nd season was not as enjoyable as the first season. The ratings have taken a hit as well, as the first season was rated 8.02/10 on MyAnimeList, while the 2nd season was rated only 6.58/10. Seeing the low ratings of season 2, fans are worried if The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 will ever happen? Here is everything you need to know about it.

Rising of the Shield hero season 3

The good news for the Naufumi fans is that season 3 of the series has been already in production. In fact, season 3 announcement was made back in 2019, alongside the season 2 announcement. Currently, there is no release date announcement made by the production committee.

Where to start The Rising of the Shield Hero manga or light novel after season 2? The series is based on the light novel series written by Aneko Yusagi and illustrated by Seira Minami. At the time of writing, 22 light novel volumes have been published in Japan. Season 2 adapted till volume 9. So you can start reading from 10th volume. Since, the anime series has not even adapted half of the source material, the anime series could easily get 3 more seasons.

What is the release date for season 3? There has been no official announcement about the season 3 release date yet, however, we can make some prediction based on the release date for the first 2 season. Meanwhile, you can follow the official Twitter account of the anime series, to keep up to date for any new information.

The first season was announced to be in production in 2017, and premiered in 2019. The second season was announced in 2019, and was scheduled to air in 2021, however, because of the pandemic, the series premiere got delayed till 2022. The good news is that season 3 was announced in 2019, alongside season 2. This means that the production committee is already working on season 3, and it won’t take multiple years for season 3 premiere. Rising of the Shield Hero season 3 is expected to release sometime in 2023, however, these are all only speculation, and the official announcement will hopefully be made soon.

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