5 Most Underrated Anime Series of 2023

Where 2023 was dominated by big names like Jujutsu Kaisen and Demon Slayer, some shows didn’t get the spotlight that they rightfully deserved.

Although these shows didn’t support any flashy animation, they were able to entertain fans to the fullest with what they delivered.

5 of the Most Underrated Anime Series of 2023

So today, we compiled five of the most underrated anime series, in no particular order, from the year 2023, which you should check out if you missed them when they aired.

05. Farming Life in Another World

Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Anime SeasonWinter 2023
Animation StudioZero-G
GenresSlice-of-life, Fantasy

With an average rating of 7.57 on MAL, “Farming Life in Another World” is an isekai anime series that can be regarded as one of the best isekai series 2023, alongside big names like Mushoku Tensei.

What made the series stand out was how heart-warming and relaxing it turned out to be.

“Farming Life in Another World,” tells the tale of Machio, who was bedridden in a hospital and eventually passed away. As he passes on to the afterlife, he is allowed to get transported into a fantasy world with a power-up of his choice.

He wanted to do farming his whole life, so he asked for an “Almighty Farming Tool” to help him grow anything. So starts Machio’s life as he builds a farming capital where people come to help him and eventually stay in his village!

04. Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill

Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Anime SeasonWinter 2023
Animation StudioMAPPA
GenresAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy

With 7.67 rating on MAL, “Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill” is another isekai series that largely went unnoticed despite having some of the mouth-watering food animation.

The series is one of the few that has given Ghibli movies some competition regarding food animation. Plus, it is animated by MAPPA studio, which not many people are aware of. Fortunately, the series has a sequel announced already!

“Campfire Cooking in Another World With My Absurd Skill” follows the story of Mukouda, who is reincarnated into another with his skill called “Online Supermarket,” which lets him order groceries online.

As this skill doesn’t fit the role of a hero, he is pardoned, and Mukouda decides to spend his life doing online groceries and creating food from his original world for people in this world.

03. Otaku Elf

Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Anime SeasonSpring 2023
Animation StudioC2C
GenresComedy, Supernatural

“Otaku Elf” scored only 7.29 on MAL ratings but that doesn’t mean series wasn’t entertaining. If you want to watch something funny and calming, this is the one you should checkout.

Plus, the amazing voice acting from the voice actress of Elda (one of the main characters) made the series almost perfect.

“Otaku Elf” follows the story of Koito, a high school girl, who gets the responsibility to take over a shrine where people worship an elf.

The only problem is that this elf is extraordinarily untidy and only loves to play games. So, it is up to Koito to make this introverted elf more exposed to society so that people can keep worshipping her!

02. The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today

Number of Episodes13 Episodes
Anime SeasonSummer 2023
Animation StudioGoHands
GenresComedy, Supernatural

“The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today” marked the return of Studio GoHands after a few years. With 7.68 rating, the series combines comedy with the slice-of-life genre in perfect proportion.

“The Masterful Cat is Depressed Again Today” follows the story of Saku, an office woman who finds an abandoned cat on the streets and adopts it. She names it Yukichi and brings it back to her messy apartment.

The next day, Yukichi is transformed into a human-sized cat that does all the housework for her. In exchange, he demands good food and a place to stay. So starts the journey of these two as they live a life dividing their workload!

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01. Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence

Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Anime SeasonSummer 2023
Animation StudioDoga Koba
GenresRomance, Fantasy

“Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence” might be the most underrated romance anime series of 2023, as it hardly got talked about anywhere on social media platforms.

The series combines old-style cute visuals with a slice-of-life touch in every episode. On the other hand, the romance is a slow burn, which most anime fans will appreciate.

“Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence” follows the everyday life of Cecilia, the saint of a church, and Lawrence, the pastor of that same church, as they experience new emotions daily.

On the other hand, every day is a struggle for Cecilia to confess her feelings for Lawrence, but it always turns into a rough mess in the end. Will she be able to express her feelings before it’s too late?

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Did we miss to include any underrated anime in this list? Let us know in the comment section. Also checkout the top 15 highest rated anime of 2023.

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