Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul

“Slice-of-life Anime,” or “Relaxing Anime,” is a charming series that centers around the protagonist’s everyday experiences and random encounters.

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul

The magic of “Slice-of-life” lies in its ability to blend with any other genre, thereby creating a new and enriched experience. This versatility is key to its widespread appreciation within the anime community.

Many viewers are drawn to these series as a pleasant diversion from the more serious, action-packed anime, offering a relaxing experience.

Here are some 15 slice-of-life anime series that will heal your soul.

15. GJ Club

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Animation StudioDoga Koba
GenreComedy, Slice-of-life

“GJ Club” is an entertaining anime series that has an added touch of “harem.” It follows the story of a group of students, each with an intriguing personality, who enjoy every day in their club room.

The series’ plot revolves around the high school student “Shinomiya.” He is part of the “GJ Club,” which serves a mysterious purpose no one knows.

He is accompanied by the club President “Maou,” who is violent and likes to bite Shinomiya when she is angry. Maou’s little sister “Megumi” is always seen serving tea to everyone in the club.

“Shion,” the child prodigy whose family is filled with reputable careers, and “Kirara,” who loves cats and meat. Every day, all four of them annoy Shinomiya, making him suffer.

But deep down, they all have their eyes on him. So starts the miserable life of our protagonist, who is trying to understand the purpose “GJ Club” serves!

14. Romeo and The Black Brothers

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes33 Episodes
Animation StudioNippon Animation
GenreAdventure, Drama, Slice-of-life

“Romeo and The Black Brothers” is an intriguing anime series that adds “drama” to its plotline. The series is based on the German novel “Die Schwarzen Brüder.”

The premise is centered around “Romeo,” a kind little boy living in a small village in Switzerland. His family hardly makes ends meet, so Romeo is always worried.

“Luini,” an eccentric man who goes by the name of God of Death, finds Romeo attractive. His profession is to sell little children as chimney sweepers in Milan, Italy. So, he starts to tail Romeo.

As Romeo tries his best to stay away from this man, Luiow takes the offensive approach. He burns Romeo’s family’s cornfields, making them financially unstable. So, Romeo gives in and is sold as a chimney sweeper in Italy.

There, he meets another chimney sweeper “Alfredo Martini,” and they become best friends. But as their fate holds no connection, they are sold to different people.

Romeo’s master is a fierce person and continuously abuses him. A dangerous gang named “Wolf Pack” is also tailing Romeo. One day, he reunites with Alfredo, and they form a group named “Black Brothers.”

This group is a joint alliance between Romeo and Alfredo as they will help one another against the “Wolf Pack” whenever they target one of them. So, the bad days are now gone, or are they?

13. Super Cub

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Animation StudioStudio Kai

“Super Cub” is an anime series centered around the “slice-of-life” genre for the bikers. The studio that animated this series is relatively new (inaugurated in 2019), and this is their most famous work.

The story of “Super Cub” is centered around “Koguma,” a high school girl with no one in this world to call family. Every day, she follows a boring routine with no adrenaline rush!

One day, on her way back from school, she goes looking for a motor scooter, as she wants to upgrade her bicycle. But looking at the prices, she gets disheartened.

The owner then shows her a pre-owned Honda “SuperCub” for a meager price. Thinking this might bring excitement to her life, she bargains and purchases this vehicle.

Every day is filled with new adventures as we see Koguma venture into unknown parts of Japan after school. She even meets people who become her friends and go on adventures together.

Where will these adventures lead our protagonist, whose life was boring just a few days ago?

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12. Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Animation StudioCloverWorks

“Akebi’s Sailor Uniform” is an anime series that amazed the anime community with its fantastic anime quality. The series takes place in an all-girls high school, where we see the influence of a single girl in every other student’s life.

The premise is centered around “Akebi,” an enthusiastic girl who is about to enter her high school life. She will enter the same high school her mother graduated from, so she is extra excited.

She is more excited about wearing the “sailor school uniform,” which her mother also wore while studying there. But unfortunately, the school authorities updated this uniform to “blazer and skirt.”

So, Akebi’s mother holds a meeting with the school’s principal, and they make Akebi an exception as she is allowed to wear the sailor uniform.

So, the first day she becomes a part of the first assembly, everyone stares at her because she is the only one wearing a different uniform. But Akebi is not affected; she wants to make everyone used to her uniform and free personality.

She starts entering every student’s life, helping them with mundane issues. Soon, everyone relies on Akebi for such issues, and she becomes a girl known to every student in this school!

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11. Tanaka is Always Listless

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Animation StudioSILVER LINK

“Tanaka is Always Listless” is an anime series for those loafing anime watchers who rely on others for simple tasks. The series focuses entirely on “slice-of-life,” as our protagonist is lazy daily, forcing people around him to do his work daily.

The series is centered around our lazy protagonist “Tanaka,” who loves to remain listless all day. He hardly does any house chores, and when he is at school, his reliable friend “Oota” does everything for him.

But this peace doesn’t stay for long, as Tanaka now has an admirer named “Miyano.” Although she is a high schooler, she has a small stature. She is always energetic and wants to be like Tanaka, always lazy.

Tanaka tries to avoid her, but he accepts and starts her training. And as expected, she just cannot be lazy.

She is always seen around the school delinquent “Echizen,” also Oota’s childhood friend. Echizen also starts to accompany Miyano when she comes to Tanaka.

This is not the end of trouble for Tanaka, as the school beauty “Shiraishi” has now developed feelings for him. Will Tanaka’s old, laidback life return in such circumstances?

10. Time of Eve

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes6 Episodes
Animation StudioStudio Rikka
GenreSci-Fi, Slice-of-life

“Time of Eve” is a short OVA series that follows a plotline you don’t see in every anime. It is an original series that adds a perfect amount of “Sci-Fi,” not removing the originality of “slice-of-life.”

The premise of “Time of Eve” occurs in a futuristic world where “androids” have become common in everyday households. But they are treated as machines, just like today.

“Rikou,” an adult, witnesses a strange spectacle one day as an android is roaming free on the streets. So, he decides to follow this android.

The android enters a cafe named “Time of Eve.” So, Rikou gets intrigued by this and invites his friend, Masaki, as both of them visit this cafe together.

There, the barista (the person who makes cocktails) guides them through the basic rule of this cafe, which is that there is no discrimination between androids and humans.

The longer they stay, the more they get intrigued by how differently these robots act when given freedom. Will this cafe be able to change the opinion of the modern world?

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9. Farming Life in Another World

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
Animation StudioZero-G
GenreFantasy, Slice-of-life

The last series anyone expected to be on this list is an isekai series, but “Farming Life in Another World” does a different on this genre. The series follows a soothing plotline, which gets a little touch of “drama” in each episode.

The plot is centered around “Machio,” a teenage boy who has been struck with a terminal illness. Because of this, he can hardly leave his hospital bed and eventually passes away.

After dying, he is given a chance to reincarnate into a new world, but with an extraordinary power. As he spends much of his life lying on his bed, he asks for a tool that lets him farm any crop he imagines.

Our protagonist reincarnates as a farmer with a magical farming tool in this new world. This tool can grow any crop Machio imagines, even on barren land. He doesn’t even need seeds for growing plants.

Machio encounters different beings during his journey as a farmer, which includes spiders, wolves, and many others! Ru, a vampire, is the first person to reside with Machio.

Machio builds a village slowly as people accompany him on his farmer journey. Where will Machio stop, as his kindness keeps attracting some big names, which might make things complicated for him?

8. Hyouka

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes22 Episodes
Animation StudioKyoAni (Kyoto Animation)
GenreMystery, Slice-of-life

“Hyouka” is a mystery series that most anime fans expect to be a “romance” series. The series is based on a novel of the same name that is not slice-of-life centered. So, the anime is an interesting take on this source material.

“Hyouka” tells the tale of Oreki, a teenage high schooler who intentionally lives a boring life. He comes to school every day only to anticipate the time of recess.

But his sister has had enough of this behavior, so she asks Oreki to visit the clubroom for Classics Club, which is centered around literature. So, he does that, and his life takes a quick turn.

He meets Chitanda, a fellow high school girl, who wants to join this club, but as this club has been disbanded, she cannot do so. So, she forces Oreki to open this club again.

Oreki, who has no time for extrovert activities like these, tries his best to decline. But upon the pressure of his best friend Satoshi, he tries to give this a shot and opens this club again.

Satoshi’s girlfriend Ibara also decides to join this club, which gives the club enough members to keep its status “alive,” these four solve the mysteries left by their seniors. Will Oreki’s dull life finally take a turn he never expected?

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7. ARIA The Animation

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes51 Episodes + 1 OVA Episode + 3 Special Episodes
Animation StudioHal Film Maker TYO Animations
GenreFantasy, Sci-Fi, Slice-of-life

“ARIA the Animation” is an anime series that follows an out-of-the-ordinary plot for a slice-of-life series. The series takes place on Mars, which has been named Planet Aqua. It is centered around a city whose scenery is reminiscent of Venice (a city situated in Italy).

The premise is on Mars, named “Planet Aqua,” because its surface is mostly water. On this planet, a city is named “Neo-Venezia” due to its resemblance to Italy’s city of Venice, as its streets have long water canals.

The story is centered around Akari, a teenage girl who is enthusiastic about becoming a gondolier (people who row boats in canals present on the streets) in the city of Neo-Venezia.

She makes friends who give her tips on becoming a good gondolier, which helps her, and she updates her dream to become an Undine (a gondolier who acts as a tour guide).

But this pathway is filled with many atrocities because people are not always friendly to you. So, Akari has to muster up the courage to follow her dream!

6. Laid-Back Camp (Yuru Camp)

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes25 Episodes + 1 Movie
Animation StudioC-Station

“Laid-Back Camp” is an anime series for anime fans who love to see delicious food in anime. The series is entirely centered around “camping,” and we follow our group of protagonists on their camping adventures!

“Laid-Back Camp” is centered around Rin, a girl obsessed with camping alone. Her camping adventures are not limited to Summer; she even camps in Winter.

One day, during her camping trip, she witnesses a girl sleeping in the middle of the road. She considers her a red flag and ignores her.

Later that night, that girl comes to her tent, begging for food. Rin decides to take pity and offers her food. “Nadeshiko” is the name of this hungry girl. Her family had just shifted to Rin’s area.

As soon as they finish, Rin calls Nadeshiko’s sister, who comes to pick her up. But Rin’s alone camping adventures are now in danger, as Nadeshiko wants to accompany her!

Rin declines her, so Nadeshiko joins her school’s “Camping Club,” where camping enthusiasts let her accompany them on their camping trips.

Witnessing Nadeshiko’s happiness in the company, Rin thinks she is missing out on the real purpose of camping. Will Rin start to go on group camping adventures now that she has witnessed how fun they are?

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5. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes25 Episodes
Animation StudioKyoAni (Kyoto Animation)
GenreFantasy, Slice-of-life, Comedy

“Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” is a unique anime series that combines “comedy” with the primary “slice-of-life” genre. The “Comedy” genre has the worst compatibility with the slice-of-life genre because the former tries to overpower the latter.

But this series has both genres in the correct proportion, making it one of the best series the “slice-of-life” genre has to offer.

The story is centered around Kobayashi, an adult office lady whose boss makes her work overtime daily. One day, she falls asleep when she is on her way home on the train.

She meets a dragon sitting in the woods when she departs at the last station. Her name is Tohru, and she is trapped on Earth by a sword inserted into her body.

As Kobayashi is drunk, she climbs her and pulls out the sword. Tohru is now free but is confused about why a human helped her. Now, Kobayashi demands Tohru to drink with her, as she saved her life.

So, Tohru shifts to her human form, and they enjoy the whole night. In the morning, Kobayashi wakes up in her apartment, hungover and late for office. As soon as she is about to depart, she witnesses Tohru standing in her alleyway.

Last night, Kobayashi demanded Tohru to be her maid as a reward for saving her. So, now Kobayashi has a dragon maid, always at her service. Was this a wrong decision on behalf of Kobayashi to make a mythical creature her housemaid?

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4. Natsume’s Book of Friends

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes74 Episodes (6 Seasons) + 1 Movie
Animation StudioShuka
GenreDrama, Supernatural, Slice-of-life

“Natsume’s Book of Friends” is a fan-favorite “slice-of-life” anime series. The series also adds a little “adventure” to its plotline.

“Natsume’s Book of Friends” is centered around the protagonist “Natsume,” who can see yokai (spirits). So, due to this quirk, he had no friends growing up.

He was always traveling within his family as his parents passed him on to their relatives when they passed away. Natsume’s grandmother, Reiko, was the closest to the boy before she passed away.

But before she did, she handed her priced possession, the “Book of Friends.” This book contains hundreds of yokai sealed inside it. When Natsume tries to open its barrier, a yokai named Madara appears before him.

As Natsume will now be attacked by different powerful yokai due to possessing the “Book of Friends,” he strikes a deal with Madara to be his bodyguard until he dies and hands over the book to Madara.

Madara agrees and starts the life of Natsume. He decides to release all of these spirits sealed inside this book as he grows ties with the yokai.

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3. March Comes in Like A Lion

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes44 Episodes
Animation StudioShaft
GenreDrama, Slice-of-life

“March Comes In Like a Lion” is an anime series based on the real-world map of Japan. The series becomes more “drama” centered as it progresses. But it is a real “heart-warming series,” which teaches you how to be happy with a minimalistic lifestyle.

The premise of “March Comes In Like a Lion” centers around Rei, a shogi (Japanese equivalent of chess) master since his middle school days. He faces mental pressure from his step-family, who consider him a burden.

So, Rei decides to move to Tokyo alone as he continues his shoji journey. Here, he meets the Kawamoto sisters, three energetic girls who want Rei to stay happy.

The oldest of these sisters, Akari, gives Rei some motherly love he has never experienced. The others also try to cheer him up when he returns from playing shoji.

Rei starts to calm down at home, but his shoji starts to get affected because of his mental health. Will he manage his household and career at such a young age?

2. Mushi-shi (Mushishi)

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes46 Episodes
Animation StudioArtland
GenreAdventure, Mystery, Supernatural, Slice-of-life

“Mushisshi” is considered by most anime fandom the best “slice-of-life” anime series. The series is perfect for people who love to see aesthetic sceneries in anime.

“Mushishi” takes place in ancient Japan, where supernatural creatures roamed the world. These creatures are called “Mushi” and are invisible to the human eye.

One human is an exception as he can witness these supernatural characters because he possesses a unique eye. This man, Ginko, travels the world to learn about Mushi.

As he travels the world, he learns about some “mushi” who are disrupting the balance of the world. So, being a person who can see what these creatures are doing, he reprimands them.

Will Ginko bring the balance between “mushi” and humans back to normal?

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1. Non-Non Biyori

Top 15 Best Slice-of-Life Anime Series That Will Heal Your Soul
Number of Episodes36 Episodes + 1 Movie + 1 OVA Episode
Animation StudioSILVER LINK

“Non-Non Biyori” is an anime series that will pull you out of your most depressed state. The series has a “happy” vibe, not reminiscent of the “comedy” genre.

Certainly, one of the best, if not the best, slice-of-life anime series of all time!

“Non-Non Biyori” concerns the country girl “Hotaru,” whose family shifts to the countryside due to her father’s job transfer.

During her first day out here, she meets a cute little girl named “Renge.” She has a very intriguing personality and makes Hotaru her new playmate.

She later introduces her to the usual playmates: the Koshigaya siblings. The eldest is Suguru, the quiet boy; then Komari, the petite girl; and Natsumi, the annoying child.

Every day, they show Hotaru the best parts of living in the countryside as she finds more friends with time. Where will the adventures of these little children lead as they enjoy every day?

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