Top 10 Highest Rated Anime Series of Fall 2023, Ranked

The fall anime season of 2023 was arguably the best for anime series this year, but like all good things, we must bid it farewell.

Top 10 Highest Rated Anime Series of Fall 2023, Ranked

Now, you might be wondering: what was the best anime series of Fall 2023? To answer this, we’ve compiled ratings from two of the most prominent anime platforms, MyAnimeList and AniList.

This dual-source approach helps mitigate any bias that might arise from relying solely on one website’s ratings.

So, let’s dive in without further ado and check out the highest-rated anime series from the Fall Season (October-December) 2023.

Note: "Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2," despite its impressive combined rating of 8.85, is not included in this Fall 2023 anime list. This is because the series began airing in Summer 2023 and, as such, is classified as part of the Summer anime lineup. 

10. Undead Unluck

Combined Rating7.795
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
GenresSupernatural, Action, Comedy

“Undead Unluck,” while initially overlooked, emerged as one of the most underrated anime series of the Fall Season.

Its early episodes didn’t quite capture the audience’s attention, leading many fans to prematurely give up on it.

However, as the series progressed, it showcased its potential to be among the best of the season, boasting an intriguing power system and an eye-catching anime opening song.

The story of “Undead Unluck” revolves around Fuuko, a character cursed with the power of ‘Unluck,’ which brings misfortune to those around her. Consequently, her close relatives and friends often suffer due to her unintended influence.

As Fuuko has had enough of her close friends dying, she decides to go to the afterlife but is saved by Andy, who has the power of Unluck (who cannot die).

Andy’s quest to find a power that can end his life intersects with Fuuko’s curse. The narrative then dives into whether Fuuko’s ‘Unluck’ might be the key Andy has been searching for.

09. Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Arc (Season 3)

Combined Rating7.82
Number of Episodes13 Episodes
GenresDrama, Action, Supernatural

Despite coming out with a controversial manga climax, the anime series for “Tokyo Revengers” is doing pretty well.

This season, “The Tenjiku Arc,” was unique because we saw Mikey’s past being explored once again.

“Tokyo Revengers Tenjiku Arc” dwells around a new gang taking over Tokyo named “Tenjiku.” As they build their reputation, they keep hunting Toman members.

The surprising thing about this gang is that Kisaki is part of it, which alerts Takemitchy. Will Takemitchy’s future be in danger again this time?

08. Shangri-La Frontier

Combined Rating7.895
Number of Episodes25 Episodes
GenresComedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy

“Shangri-La Frontier,” often compared to “Sword Art Online” for its virtual gaming world but with a heavier emphasis on comedy, stood out as one of the most eagerly awaited series of the Fall Anime Season.

The series revolves around the character “Sunraku,” known for his unusual hobby of playing low-quality, or ‘trash’, games. He finds joy and ease in climbing the ranks within these less competitive gaming environments.

However, Sunraku’s routine takes a turn when he is introduced to “Shangri-La Frontier,” a game known for its competitive nature.

So, for a change of pace, he decides to log into this game to test out the skills he developed while pushing ranks in trash games. Will this be Sunraku’s new go-to game from now?

07. SPY x FAMILY Season 2

Combined Rating8.15
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
GenresAction, Comedy

“Spy x Family” made a return this season, continuing the story of the Forger family, each member concealing their true identity in everyday life.

This season showcased Yor questioning her job as an assassin because she has no reason to continue this bloody profession.

In “Spy x Family Season 2,” a key storyline involves Yor’s assignment to protect a mafia member’s family, a task that proves challenging as they become targets for various assassins.

06. Dr. Stone New World (Season 3) Part 2

Combined Rating8.315
Number of Episodes11 Episodes
GenresAdventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy

“Dr Stone” is again one of the most underrated anime series, just like it has been in every season it has been released.

“Dr. Stone Season 3 Part 2” specifically followed the Science Team’s covert operation on Treasure Island. Their primary objective was to uncover the secrets behind the Petrification Device, a pivotal element in the series’ storyline.

05. The Eminence in Shadow Season 2

Combined Rating8.475
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
GenresAction, Comedy, Fantasy

“Eminence in Shadow” returned with everyone’s favorite edge lord as his everyday shenanigans continued.

“Eminence in Shadow Season 2” was supposed to be centered around the Lawless City and the Blood Queen, but as Cid took care of these matters in the starting episodes, the plot was shifted to other things.

With Cid scheming new plans with the Spirit Fox and Rose’s sudden abandoning of the Shadow Garden, where do all these events lead?

04. PLUTO |ONA series|

Combined Rating8.555
Number of Episodes8 Episodes
GenresMystery, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Action

“Pluto” was a tribute to the great Osamu Tezuka (known as the Godfather of manga), as Urasawa Naoki’s work finally came out as an adaptation.

Despite its high quality, the series unfortunately suffered from inadequate promotion by Netflix, leading to it being largely overlooked in the anime community. To this day, many anime fans remain unaware of this hidden gem, despite its excellent ratings.

“Pluto” is centered around Gesicht, a detective robot. He searches for a murderer, hunting the most advanced robots in the world.

As the story progresses, Gesicht uncovers some dark mysteries of this world, which change his views of justice. Will he be able to find this murderer before it’s too late?

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03. The Apothecary Diaries

Combined Rating8.62
Number of Episodes24 Episodes
GenresDrama, Mystery

“The Apothecary Diaries” was a series that instantly became one of the favorites of 2023 with its compelling story and fantastic character designs.

Contrary to expectations, the series intriguingly steers away from being primarily focused on the mystery genre. Instead, it offers a more heartwarming and immersive experience for viewers.

The Apothecary Diaries” is centered around Maomao, who gets kidnapped to serve as a worker in the Imperial Palace. Due to her interest in medicine, she started to observe matters around her.

Jinshi, a eunuch of the Imperial Palace, observes her actions and tries to give her the spotlight. But as Maomao is not fond of fame, where will these events lead?

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02. Attack on Titan FINAL CHAPTERS |Special Series|

Combined Rating8.825
Number of Episodes2 Episodes
GenresAction, Suspense, Drama

“Attack on Titan” reached its monumental climax, solidifying its status as one of the most acclaimed media series in recent history.

The series finale, particularly in its manga form, garnered mixed reactions, with some fans expressing dissatisfaction with the ending. However, the anime adaptation seemed to receive a warmer reception, with fewer complaints about the climax from the anime community.

“Attack on Titan FINAL CHAPTERS” showcased the last phase of the Rumbling as this was the last chance to stop Eren before it was too late.

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01. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Combined Rating9.015
Number of Episodes28 Episodes
GenresDrama, Adventure, Fantasy

“Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” distinguishes itself as a remarkable series, maintaining the highest rating on MyAnimeList, even surpassing the esteemed ‘Fullmetal Alchemist.’

Its long-standing position at the top is particularly notable, as most anime series that briefly reach the first spot on the list tend to drop in rankings after a week or two.

The series is a combination of beautiful music, captivating character designs, and a storyline considered among the best in anime.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End” is centered around Frieren, an elf who just completed her decade-long journey with the Hero’s Party.

As a human lifespan is nothing compared to an elf’s, Frieren finds it hard to think of this decade-long journey as something big. But will she be able to withstand the departure of her human party members?

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There you have it: the top ten highest-rated anime series of the Fall 2023 Anime Season, according to MyAnimeList and AniList. Were there other anime series you expected to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below! Also, check out what were the most anticipated new anime and sequel anime this Fall season.

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