12 Anime Characters With The Highest Kill Count, Ranked

Anime is filled with powerful characters, each leaving their mark in their own unique way. While some are known for their strength or wisdom, others are infamous for their high kill counts.

10 Anime Characters With The Highest Kill Counts

In the realm of anime, different series set different standards for what constitutes a significant kill count. But, setting aside these individual standards, who truly tops the list across all series?

After diving deep into the world of anime, we’ve compiled a list for you. Here are the top 12 anime characters with the highest kill counts, backed by solid reasons.

12. Eren Yeager

eren kill count
Anime TitleAttack on Titan
Kill CountA few million

Eren Yeager, the primary protagonist of Attack on Titan, took on the world to safeguard his nation. After obtaining the power of the Founding Titan, the most formidable of the Titans, he set in motion the Rumbling.

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan represents the advance of massive Titans, destroying everything in their wake. Eren, with unwavering determination, continued his march, taking down anyone in his path.

The global population in the Attack on Titan world is considerably smaller than in our reality. With Titans occupying most territories, only a few races remain. It’s estimated that the world’s total population is just a few million.

During his Rumbling journey, Eren Yeager wiped out most of the world’s inhabitants, which translates to millions. His significant kill count undoubtedly earns him a spot on this list.

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11. Utsuro

utsuro kill count
Anime TitleGintama
Kill CountHundreds of millions

Utsuro, the primary antagonist of the Gintama series, established the Tenshouin Naraku, a covert organization within the storyline. Pursued relentlessly by a group, Utsuro divided his body into separate parts, presenting his main body to his pursuers.

However, he found himself imprisoned for an extended period. Upon his escape, driven by a thirst for vengeance, he reformed the Tenshouin Naraku. His motivation was to exact revenge on humanity for the experiments they conducted on him.

Gifted with immortality, Utsuro’s lifespan spanned over a millennium, marked by a relentless spree of violence and bloodshed.

While the exact number of his victims remains unspecified, it’s estimated that during his 500-year leadership of Tenshouin Naraku, he claimed the lives of hundreds of millions, nearing a billion. His fury was a force the world couldn’t ignore.

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10. Lilith & Rei

lilith and rei kill count
Anime TitleNeon Genesis Evangelion
Kill Count~1 billion

Rei, a central character in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Lilith, an enigmatic entity with no defined role in the series, merge to become a shapeless entity capable of triggering the Third Impact, which in turn initiates Instrumentality.

Instrumentality is a profound transformation where humans merge to create a singular, ideal entity. However, this process was halted by Shinji, the series’ main protagonist.

While the entirety of humanity was at risk, only a fraction met their end during Instrumentality. Although the exact number remains unspecified, it’s estimated that between one to two billion people were affected.

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9. Rudolf von Goldenbaum

10 Anime Characters With The Highest Kill Counts
Anime TitleLegend of the Galactic Heroes
Kill Count1 billion

Rudolf von Goldenbaum stands as a formidable antagonist in the Legend of the Galactic Heroes series. His rise to power as a military leader was marked by the imposition of stringent regulations. His most notorious act, the Inferior Genes Exclusion Act, resulted in the deaths of billions.

Under this act, Rudolf targeted the economically disadvantaged, the disabled, and anyone who deviated from what was deemed “average.” This purge significantly reduced the world’s population.

Given that the series’ world population mirrors that of our own, it’s estimated that Rudolf was responsible for the deaths of at least a billion individuals.

Considering the planet’s maximum sustainable population is ten billion, and the underprivileged and disabled constitute 10-15% of the total populace, Rudolf’s actions had a profound and devastating impact.

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8. Being X

being x kill count
Anime TitleSaga of Tanya The Evil
Kill CountMore than 7 billion

“Being X” emerges as the primary antagonist in the Saga of Tanya The Evil. He transports Tanya, the lead character, into an alternate realm following her death in the real world.

Even though “Being X” possesses divine attributes, Tanya harbors a deep resentment towards him, often referring to him as a devil. Interestingly, he remains unseen in the anime adaptation.

In a bid to assert his divinity and instill faith and fear in Tanya, “Being X” orchestrates the deaths of over seven billion individuals across various dimensions.

While the anime doesn’t delve into this specific detail, the light novel of the series explicitly states this staggering death toll. Given this direct reference in the source material, it’s only fitting to acknowledge “Being X” in discussions about significant kill counts.

7. Ryoko Hakubi

10 Anime Characters With The Highest Kill Counts
Anime TitleShin Tenchi Muyo
Kill CountTens of billions

“Ryoko Hakubi” is the main protagonist of Shin Tenchi Muyo and a space pirate. She is a compelling character as she gets all her power from the gems inside her body. Throughout the series, she looks to vent her grudge against her former guardian, Kagato, one of the antagonists of this series.

Kagato’s harsh upbringing inflicted profound psychological scars on Ryoko, rendering her emotionally volatile. She was later manipulated by Kagato, who used her to destroy 28 planets and 69 space colonies.

It’s crucial to note that Ryoko’s actions were not of her own volition; she was under Kagato’s control. While the series doesn’t provide an exact death toll, the sheer scale of planetary destruction suggests a kill count in the billions.

In space-centered anime, only a few people inhabit planets, as their atmospheric conditions are not suitable for living. So, they form small areas with amiable conditions to live on such planets.

Today’s population standards don’t apply to these space anime series, which is why Ryoko’s kill count is small (compared to this list) despite her destroying so many planets.

6. Genryusai Yamamoto

yamamoto kill count
Anime TitleBleach
Kill CountMore than ten trillion

“Yamamoto” is one of the supporting characters in this series. He is one of the oldest characters in the series, as his actual age is more than two thousand one hundred years.

Throughout his extensive tenure as a Shinigami (a guardian spirit), Yamamoto has been responsible for countless deaths. One of his attacks, named “Zanka no Tachi, Minami: Kaka Jumanokushi Daisojin,” provides a hint at the scale of his actions.

This name can be translated to “Great Fire Burial Ranks of the Ten Trillion Dead Fires.”

While this figure might seem hyperbolic, given Yamamoto’s age and the duration of his active duty (over 2100 years), it’s conceivable that he could have amassed such a kill count. However, it’s essential to approach this number with a degree of skepticism.

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5. Buu

buu kill count
Anime TitleDragon Ball Z
Kill CountHundreds of Planets

“Majin Buu,” often simply referred to as “Buu,” is a formidable antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. Revered and feared as a god-like entity, he was sealed away for centuries due to the immense threat he posed.

Buu’s trail of destruction is vast, having obliterated countless planets by consuming them.

One of the most distinguishing traits of Buu is his insatiable hunger. This appetite isn’t just for food; it extends to living beings. He possesses the chilling ability to transform anything, including many of the series’ main characters, into chocolate, which he then consumes, effectively killing them.

Quantifying Buu’s kill count is a daunting task. Given that he has devoured hundreds of planets, each populated by a substantial number of inhabitants in the Dragon Ball universe, the death toll reaches into the hundreds of trillions.

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4. Frieza

frieza kill count
Anime TitleDragon Ball Series
Kill CountThousands of Planets

“Frieza” is a key villain in the Dragon Ball Series, known for his intense hatred towards Saiyans. He’s infamous for obliterating Planet Vegeta, the birthplace of series heroes Goku and Vegeta.

Renowned for his space conquests, Frieza decimated any planet that defied him. While the exact number of his victims remains unknown, it’s clear he’s destroyed countless planets.

Compared to another foe, Buu, Frieza’s destructive spree was more extensive. He continued his reign of terror until his defeat by Goku on Planet Namek.

3. Beerus

beerus kill count
Anime TitleDragon Ball Super
Kill CountMore than a Thousand Planets

“Beerus” is a notable character in the Dragon Ball Super series, holding the title of God of Destruction for Universe 7. His introduction was marked by a whimsical display of power, where he obliterated half a planet after he didn’t like a dish they served there.

His insatiable desires align perfectly with his role as the “God of Destruction.” As an immortal being birthed with the universe, only a higher authority can end his existence. This means he’s been on a planet-destroying spree since the dawn of the universe.

Quantifying Beerus’s kill count is virtually impossible. He’s maintained the balance of the universe by eliminating planets he deems unnecessary, without regard for their inhabitants.

2. Anti-spiral

anti spiral kill count
Anime TitleTengan Toppa Gurren Lagann
Kill Count~1 Universe

“Anti-spiral” is the main antagonist of the Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann series. ‘Anti-Spiral’ doesn’t represent a single person, as it is a whole race, which possesses godly intellect.

Their purpose of creation is to suppress spiral (life energy) that includes humans, which is the reason they were named ‘Anti-spiral,’ meaning ‘anti-life’.

Throughout the series, Anti-spiral has made various attempts to suppress the humans, resulting in them destroying a big part of the universe. They are scared of humans who have great willpower, making the protagonists of the series their primary target.

Throughout time, they have shrunk the universe however they saw fit. And while doing so, they killed an uncountable amount of humans who were a part of that specific universe.

Although no specific number was mentioned for their kill count, they are confirmed to have destroyed trillions of planets and millions of galaxies, making their kill count reach the universe level.

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1. Zeno (Omni King)

Omni King
Anime TitleDragon Ball Super
Kill Count38 Universes

“Zeno” is one of the supporting characters of Dragon Ball Super. He is commonly described as “The King of the Kings” as he rules everything. Every being of every universe in existence is scared of Zeno. He started the Tournament of Power just because he was getting too bored.

He destroyed six universes on a whim because the total of universes that were eighteen didn’t seem like a correct number to him.

Zeno was united with his future self through Goku, as Zamasu (the villain of that arc) was planning on taking over everything in the future. So, Future Zeno destroyed everything in the future and shared the throne with the current Zeno.

At the end of the Tournament of Power, Zeno and Future Zeno had destroyed seven remaining universes of the eight that took part in the tournament, except Universe 7, which won. So, Andriod 17 (the last person standing) wished to reincarnate all the destroyed universes.

So, if we total the destroyed universes, the present Zeno destroyed 13 (six before and seven later), whereas Future Zeno destroyed 25 (eighteen from the future and seven during the tournament).

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For this list, we’ve only included characters with clear kill counts. So, Giorno Giovanna from Jojo is omitted because his technique results in only one person dying endlessly.

We’ve also stuck to anime characters. This means manga-only characters like Nero from Toriko and Moro from Dragon Ball Super aren’t on the list. We did this to keep things fair and consistent.

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