What Is The Flying Titan in Attack on Titan?

The final episode of “Attack on Titan” resolved many long-standing mysteries, yet it also introduced a new, unforeseen mystery—a flying titan that defies the expectations of many viewers.

flying titan aot

In their final confrontation with the Founding Titan, Armin, and his allies faced overwhelming odds, struggling to counter the multitude of Titans that Eren had summoned.

At a critical juncture, as Mikasa was on the verge of unleashing her wrath, an unexpected voice urged her to step back.

It was Annie, aboard a Titan that possessed the power of flight, who swiftly evacuated the fighters from atop the Founding Titan.

Let’s dive deep and see how such a bizarre Titan even existed.

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Who is the Flying Titan?


Before we can understand the feasibility of such a Titan, we need to identify the individual who inherited this unique form. That person is Falco Grice, the current possessor of the Jaw Titan.

Falco, an Eldian Warrior Candidate serving under the Marley Government, was first introduced in the initial episode of the Final Season Part 1, set against the backdrop of Marley’s war with the Mid-East Alliance.

It was during a conversation with Annie as they were leaving Odiha on a ship that Falco first entertained the notion of such a Titan’s existence.

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How Can Falco Fly?


Falco’s transformation into the Flying Titan was a result of his unique inheritance of two Titan powers. The first was the Jaw Titan, which he acquired by consuming Porco Galliard in his pure Titan form.

The second was the traits of the Beast Titan, which Falco came to possess in a rather fortuitous manner. During the “War for Paradis” arc, Falco intervened to save Gabi from Nicolo’s fury after Gabi’s boast about killing Sasha enraged him.

As Nicolo lunged at Gabi with a wine bottle, Falco jumped in front of her, taking the blow, and inadvertently ingesting some of the wine, which contained Zeke’s spinal fluid.

This accidental consumption of Zeke’s fluid endowed Falco with traits of the Beast Titan, akin to a flying creature, which allowed him to develop wings and a feathered appearance for his Jaw Titan form, giving rise to the Flying Titan.

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As the story of Eren came to a close, and with it the powers of the Titans, all those who had been transformed, Falco included, returned to their human forms.

What are your thoughts on this development? Did you ever imagine that “Attack on Titan” would introduce such a unique Titan? Let us know in the comments below.

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