Black Clover Reveals Lucius’ Grand Plan For Humanity

It’s only been two chapters since the final arc of Black Clover began and already the series is going full steam ahead! Just last week we were wondering what on Earth Lucius’ plan could be and now a week later it’s been handed right over to us!

Black Clover Lucius plan

Without wasting a single second, let’s get right into Black Clover manga and try to explain…what just happened! Spoiler warning it’s a lot!

Chapter 333 Recap

Before we even go into the details, let’s quickly do a rough breakdown of what just went down in Black Clover chapter 333. If you haven’t already I highly advise you to read the chapter first. You can check out the series and many more officially and for free in our “Where To Read” section.

With that out of the way, let’s get into it! The chapter starts off with a huge information-packed page, giving us some backstory and impressions of Lucius. The first bombshell the chapter drops is in its very first line where it confirms that Lucius and Julius, much like Patry and William, are two souls born into one body. We see how Lucius (the time devil) came to make a contract with the time devil Astaroth before jumping over to a conversation between Lucius and Julius.

Lucius tells his fellow soul that he’s seen the future and found a way for true peace. Julius does not agree with his ways, something Lucius says he also foresaw and planned for. From there it seems Lucius places some sort of enchantment on his lighter counterpart.

With that, we cut back to Lucius versus Asta. Immediately recognizing that this isn’t just quite the Wizard King he knows, Asta asks the man who he is. To which Lucius responds by stopping time around the entire castle. Immediately powering up and negating the effects for himself with Anti-Magic Asta takes in his surroundings and once more asks the intruder who he truly is.

asta vs lucius black clover
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Answering truthfully the devil’s host tells him that he is Lucius Zogratis, the saviour of this world. Adding to that he also reveals that Julius, the Wizard King is dead. Asta is shocked but doesn’t get a chance to say anything before Lucius begins to explain his master plan to the hero. After hearing all that and understanding that this man is the enemy, Asta powers up and prepares to take down his latest enemy.

As the chapter wraps up Asta activates his Anti-Magic freeing the area from the time pause and announces that right here, right now he will surpass the Wizard King!

What Is Lucius’ Plan?

Obviously here the main focus of this chapter is Lucius and his nefarious plans for the Black Clover world. But what exactly are they? Well, as he reveals himself within the chapter, his goal is to create true peace, but the problem is that Lucius’ version of true peace is quite twisted.

To fix mankind, Lucius has decided to erase it and start over, a pretty classical villainous grand plan. But here’s where the creator Yuki Tabata twists it, Lucius won’t be starting from scratch. Instead, after destroying the human race, Lucius plans to rebirth everyone using his sibling’s magical abilities.

And this actually makes perfect sense. If you take a minute to think about it aside from their devil magic, all of the Dark Triad’s magic types involve the body. Zenon has bone magic, Vanica has blood magic, and Dante has body magic. And even though we haven’t seen Lucius’ magic type yet, I’m willing to bet he has soul magic. With these three magic types together the Zogratis family could theoretically bring a person back to life. It looks like this is exactly what Lucius plans to do.

Lucius promises that his version of humanity will be remade happy and equal. He then goes on to say that to ensure nothing ever goes wrong with his civilization, he will rule over them as the final Wizard King! This goes against his statement of equality, but then again, I guess it doesn’t apply to him since he would essentially be this new world’s god.

In short, Lucius wants to be the god of a new world, a creation of his own. The only issue is Asta and Liebe, two creations born without magic and instead being able to use the troublesome Anti-Magic. Asta is the only flaw in what Lucius assumes is his near-perfect plan. And it looks like next chapter it’ll be time to deal with this “flaw.”

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Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter of Black Clover and many other series officially and for free on both Viz Media and Manga Plus right now. Please try to read all your manga officially, as this supports the creator and allows them to create more stories.

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