Blue Lock Chapter 242 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Ness’s Backstory Revealed!

With reaching the pinnacle of anticipation, Blue Lock chapter 242 spoilers have arrived.

Blue Lock Chapter 242 Spoilers

In the previous chapters, the players of Bastard Munchen have been celebrating their deserved victory against Ubers Italy.

However, in the last installment, the series shifted the focus from everyone celebrating to Kaiser and Ness. At the conclusion, we saw Kaiser appreciating Ness and thought about him as if they were familiar from the beginning.

Either way, we are bound to know about their relationship very soon. Here are Blue Lock chapter 242 spoilers!

All of the spoilers are the courtesy of Twitter/X User Rayuga!

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Blue Lock Chapter 242 Spoilers:

The upcoming chapter of Blue Lock will be titled “The Magician and The Blue Rose (Part 1)” and begins with Ness’s backstory.

Ness was a boy, all alone in his world, who sought magic. He was born to scientific parents who could explain everything in the world. Once, kid Ness returned him while his arm was bleeding.

Without knowing how the world works, kid Ness asks his dad if he can fix his wound with magic. His father tells him to wash and disinfect the wound so the bacteria does not enter his body. If he does not wash it, he can possibly die due to bacteria.

Blue Lock Chapter 242 Spoilers

Kid Ness, all troubled, went to his mother to ask if he was going to die or not. His mother told him the wound was not that deep to kill him, and the probability of Ness dying was 0.01%. Ness’s siblings were also there and mocked his concerns over a superficial wound.

A few days later, Ness was reading a book and asked his siblings if they could summon a demon using magic. His brother and sister mocked him again about ‘magic’ as Ness could not accept that it was just a fictional aspect.

One day, Ness was playing around with a snowman he made and chanted some odd words. His sister told him to stay quiet as she could not focus on her research, but Ness told her he was practicing his magical powers.

Blue Lock Chapter 242 Spoilers

Ness’s brother broke his ‘magic’ stick, and his sister knocked down the snowman. His siblings told their parents about Ness talking about magic again, and the parents replied coldly. “We don’t need people who believe in unexplainable things in our house.”

Ness began to cry while holding his broken staff, book, and snowman in the field. We see Ness’s imagination of what the magic could do. After Ness contemplates his decisions, he is standing before a stadium entrance.

Young Ness thinks soccer cannot be explained as it is a type of magic that can cause people to stand up and cheer just by someone scoring a goal. He begins to practice soccer while his family still tries to demotivate him.

While playing a local match, Ness scores a goal, and all of his team members are engulfed in ecstasy by his techniques. His coach told him to go big and try out for the German team known as “Bastard Munchen.”

Blue Lock Chapter 242 Spoilers

This is his chance to become a pro player for Germany’s best team, and his tryout match begins. In the beginning, the match plays out quite entertaining for Ness himself. Later, he started to lose composure, and everyone started stealing the ball from him.

His teammates started to call him out for being super dull and letting everyone take the ball away from him. Ness fell onto the ground and remembered his family’s words. At the conclusion of the chapter, Kaiser arrives and asks if he believes in something “impossible.”

No break next week; the series will return in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine. Blue Lock chapter 242 will be released on November 24, 2023.

You can read the series for free on Kodansha USA’s website.

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