[Updated] Blue Lock Spinoff Manga Revealed!

Good news Blue Lock fans! If you’ve read the title you already know exactly what this is all about if you have yet to do so. Allow me to repeat it for you!

Earlier today it was revealed by multiple reliable sources that Blue Lock will be getting a new spinoff series. This series is set to start releasing in Bessatsu Magazine issue #7, in May of 2022. Now it’s unknown exactly what the spinoff series will be about but we can always theorize!

Blue Lock Spinoff Manga Revealed! | Anime Senpai


Currently, there are two major theories going around regarding this spin-off and what on earth it could be about. The first theory and the lesser-known one is that this spinoff manga could be all about Sae Itoshi, so a character gaiden. And though this is likely I doubt that Sae and his story would warrant an entire spinoff series.

Now for the theory that I believe will turn out to be correct. That the spinoff manga will be a side story focusing only on Kunigami during his time in the “Wildcard” program. Though there’s no possible way to confirm this seeing as how the spinoff was just announced, I think this approach would be most likely. Especially now that Kunigami has reentered the story!


At the time this article was written most of the key details regarding the manga weren’t released nor leaked yet. However, the details are out now! And we have them right here!


Release Date

Once again the series is expected to release in Bessatsu Magazine issue #7. That issue of the magazine is currently set sometime in May. As the date approaches there are sure to be more concrete dates and more news regarding the series, so be sure to check back in then!

Where To Read

Unfortunately, like many Kodansha-owned manga Blue Lock and its spinoff is not available online officially. If you wish to read the manga online you will probably have to find an unofficial version online. However, if you can, I would highly encourage you to purchase the manga itself. You can do so on the Kodansha website or anywhere where you purchase your manga!

Let us know what you think of this latest spinoff in the comments below. What do you think it will be about? And be sure to check out our latest Blue Lock article where we give you all the leaks and everything else you need to know about this week’s Blue Lock chapter!

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