Chainsaw Man Anime Won’t Be Censored, the Manga Creator Is Closely Involved With The Production

An exclusive Chainsaw Man panel was held during the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, where the staff involved in the production committee answered different questions from the fans, including one of the most important questions of all: Whether Chainsaw Man anime will be censored?

Chainsaw Man anime trailer

Many Chainsaw Man fans were expecting a trailer or at least a new key visual during the event, but the production committee didn’t release any of the above. Mappa’s CEO, Manabu Otsuka, who turns out be a huge fan of Chainsaw Man, revealed that the staff wanted to release something for fans during the event but it wasn’t ready yet. Otsuka apologized to fans who were waiting for a new Chainsaw Man trailer, but he wants everything to be perfect before showing a new PV.

According to Otsuka, new Chainsaw Man information will be during Crunchyroll Expo, which takes place later this Summer (August 5, 6 and 7). Keep in mind that Chainsaw Man anime is scheduled to release sometime this year.

Here are some of the Questions and Answers, that were carried out during the Anime Expo event. The questions were asked by the fans attending the event, while the production committee answered those questions.

How did you decide to make Chainsaw Man into an anime series? “Mappa was really interested in adapting this manga into an anime series since the launch of the manga series, which is why we applied to Shuiesha to carry out the project”.

Will the script be censored? How will gore be handled in the anime? “No, we want all the content to be raw, like in the manga. We are not going to censor anything. We want to be faithful to the original material”.

How is Fujimoto (author of the manga) participating in the production of the anime? “We are working very closely with him. We want this to be an extremely faithful representation of the manga. He is also helping us quite a bit as a consultant for the choice of the voice cast”. (Keep in mind that there are already some leaks about the voice cast of Chainsaw Man anime).

What do you feel is your advantage right now in producing the series? “The CEO of MAPPA studios is a big fan of the manga, he himself is taking care that the anime is of an impressive quality, something that all fans can enjoy.”

Furthermore, it was revealed the anime original scenes will be added to the series. Mappa’s CEO favorite character from the series turns out to be “Power”.

Chainsaw Man anime has been confirmed to release in 2022, and the 2nd part of the Chainsaw Man manga will start publishing on July 13, 2022. Anime fans have not gotten any update other than the first trailer and key visual. Considering the release date for anime is set for this year, this is slightly unusual.

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