Crunchyroll And Funimation Are Increasing Their Subscription Prices

The Crunchyroll platform notified its premium users through email that the pricing of some of their plans would increase starting from October 31. The changes will be reflected in the next billing cycle, beginning November 1, 2022, and the user’s current payment method will be charged.

Crunchyroll funimation price increase

Multiple users have reported via the Crucnhryoll subreddit that they received an email from Crunchyroll informing them about the price increase. Premium members residing in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, Chile, and Mexico seem to be affected by this change. A price increase depends on the subscribed tier and the country users reside in. A premium user from Canada shared that the monthly price has been increased from CAD 7.99 to CAD 9.99.

The price increase is the result of Crunchyroll merging libraries with Funimation, according to the email sent by Crunchyroll.

“As part of Crunchyroll’s transition to a unified subscription service with Funimation, a necessary step to achieve completion of the unification is for Crunchyroll to adjust the prices in Canada for the Mega Fan plan.”

crunchyroll price increase

According to Crunchyroll’s website, the price increase will help to bring more dubs, and more manga and anime services and content.

With these changes we can continue the expansion of show content, we get to keep adding more dubs, and offer more Anime and Manga services and content.  You can already see the huge increases in shows already added.  As always, we are committed to connecting you to the best Anime and Manga products and services anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, Funimation’s yearly plan prices will increase from $99.9/year to $149/year starting from October 29, 2022.

On March 1st, Crunchyroll announced that Funimation and Wakanim’s anime library would be moving to Crunchyroll. Currently, there is still a lot of Funimation content that is yet to become available on Crunchyroll.

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Just 2 months earlier, On July 18th, Crunchyroll lowered its subscription prices for almost 100 territories; some countries even got an almost 80% price decrease. The site discontinued free ad-supported streaming earlier this year, with the spring 2022 season line-up, while episodes of anime prior to the spring season will still be accessible to watch for free with commercials. Crunchyroll previously offered free ad-supported streaming for simulcast titles one week after they aired.

On Aug 8, 2021, Sony’s Funimation Global Group completed the acquisition of Crunchyroll from AT&T in August. The purchase price was $1.17 billion.

Source: Reddit, Crunchyroll

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