Edens Zero Season 3 Teaser Released, What We Know So Far

“Edens Zero,” the shounen-fantasy anime sensation penned by the same author behind Fairy Tail, has just wrapped up its second season with a total of 25 episodes.

Fans are now buzzing with questions about the future of the series. Here’s the scoop on what we know so far.

Edens Zero Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Despite the unfortunate passing of the series’ director, the production team remained steadfast, successfully delivering a second season that resonated well with Shounen anime fans.

The series is centered around “Rebecca,” a teenage girl who loves to create videos. She visits the Granbell Kingdom and finds a single human living among robots.

His name is “Shiki,” and he can use superpowers known as “Ether Gear Powers.”

Shiki possesses magnetic powers, which intrigues Rebecca’s mind as she takes him alongside him.

Season 2 follows the story as a big war is about to occur. Shiki and his group train under the strongest fighters to prepare for the future.

The anime aired from April 11, 2023, to October 3, 2023, and was animated by the renowned studio J.C. Staff, known for works like “The Duke of Death and His Maid” and “The Sacrificial Princess and The King of Beasts.

Edens Zero Season 3

Edens Zero season 3 has not been officially announced at the moment. However, the final episode of season two ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger, hinting at the upcoming “Aoi War” on “Planet Nero 66.”

A teaser for the unannounced third season was also showcased, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

It’s only a matter of days or months until season 3 will be officially announced.

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“Edens Zero Season 2” wasn’t included in the Highest Rated Anime Series of Spring and Summer.

“Edens Zero” Manga After Season 2

“Edens Zero” is based on a manga series of the same name and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. Twenty-eight volumes have been released so far. The second season was adapted to volume 16 of the official source material.

If you can’t wait for the airing of season 3, you can start reading the manga series from chapter 141 of volume 17.

“Kodansha” serialized this series in English, and 24 volumes are available in English. You can buy them from Amazon.

Release Date for Season 3

Given the two-year gap between the first and second seasons, it’s likely that the third season of Edens Zero could air around the Spring of 2025.

Reception for the Second Sequel of “Edens Zero”

Edens Zero Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Despite the delay caused by the loss of a team member, the series still received good ratings:

The characters of this series were also popular among the fans, as this series received modeled figurines for all its main characters like Shiki, Rebecca, and Homura. The series also received an acrylic figurine.

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Manga Sales

The “Edens Zero” manga series couldn’t do well locally as it wasn’t included in Oricon’s Top 30 Best-Selling Manga Series in September.

It wasn’t included in Amazon’s Top 50 Best-Selling Action & Adventure Manga Series or any other category.

The Blu-ray & DVD box sets will go on sale from November 22, 2023, to December 27, 2023. These will be released as two volumes, each containing 12 episodes.

Where to Watch “Edens Zero” Season 3?

Streaming services like Crunchyroll and bilibili have been streaming this series since its first season. So, for the third season, these services will return for streaming.

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