Gun Devil: Most Feared Entity in Chainsaw Man, Explained

In the haunting realm of Chainsaw Man, where devils are born from human fears and anxieties, one entity reigns supreme in its ability to terrify: the Gun Devil.

gun devil chainsaw man

This isn’t your typical devil; it’s a force of nature, a cataclysmic entity that has the power to decimate cities in the blink of an eye. Imagine a devil so fast it can wipe out thousands of lives in mere seconds, and so elusive it vanishes without a trace.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the series or just stepping into this dark world, the Gun Devil is a name that demands attention and respect. Today we will explore the most feared entity in Chainsaw Man world, The Gun Devil.

Who is the Gun Devil?

Gun Devil: Most Feared Entity in Chainsaw Man, Explained

The Gun Devil first gains attention in chapter 12 of the manga and episode 4 of the anime. This crucial moment unfolds when Makima, a commanding officer in the Public Safety Devil Hunters, extends an irresistible offer to Denji, our young and ambitious protagonist.

Makima promises to fulfill one of Denji’s wishes if he can successfully defeat the Gun Devil.

Gun Devil: Most Feared Entity in Chainsaw Man, Explained

In Chainsaw Man’s world, devils are manifestations of human fears. The more intense the fear, the stronger the devil. For example, the Darkness Devil, one of the most fearsome entities in the series, is born from humanity’s age-old fear of the dark.

This sets the stage for understanding the immense power of the Gun Devil, who embodies the universal and immediate fear of firearms. The mere sight of a gun can trigger fear, ensuring that this devil remains a formidable force. As long as guns are perceived as dangerous, the Gun Devil’s influence will continue to grow.

Adding another layer to this devil’s reach, other devils can enhance their abilities by consuming fragments of the Gun Devil—essentially, bullets. Intriguingly, all bullets in the world seem to gravitate towards the Gun Devil. Although this should, in theory, make him easier to locate, he has successfully evaded capture thus far.

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Spoiler Alert: This section of the article discusses manga spoilers!

Appearance of Gun Devil

“Gun Devil” has appeared in three forms throughout Chainsaw Man. The first and weakest form is known as the Fiend Devil Form, which takes over Aki Hayakawa. This transformation occurs after Makima defeats the Gun Devil, forcing him to flee and seek a host body. Gun Devil possesses Aki’s body and attacks Denji, the Chainsaw Man.

Why is Gun Devil Feared So Much in Chainsaw Man

His infamous Fragmented Devil Form (20%) is the second most potent form. This 20% part was under contract with the U.S. Visually, it’s a sight to behold: a large, floating upper body with an array of rifles extending from its arms and oversized ammunition magazines serving as its legs. Its chest is a haunting display of miniature skulls.

The most potent form is the Full Devil Form of Gun Devil (100%), which has not made any official appearance anywhere. This form is said to have a whole body consisting of arms, legs, and even a human figure. Nothing specific is known about this form but only its described appearance at the start of the series.

Why is Gun Devil feared so much?

Gun Devil: Most Feared Entity in Chainsaw Man, Explained

It all started on November 18 in some year, when the Gun Devil made his first appearance. That day, Gun Devil built its reputation as the fastest killer and the worst devil known to mankind when he killed almost 1.2 million innocent people worldwide. 57,912 out of the 1.2 million people who died were from Japan.

The people affected by this incident included Aki Hayakawa’s whole family. His house was blown before his eyes as he waited for his little brother to come out and play with him. Aldo and Joey are devil hunters from the U.S. who were also affected by Gun Devil’s attack.

After this, the Gun Devil disappeared, leaving only his fear behind.

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Why is the Gun Devil Immortal?

After making a devastating first appearence, the Gun Devil mysteriously disappeared, only to be found in an unconscious state. Surprisingly, he had been defeated by an unidentified entity.

Seizing this unexpected opportunity, the Soviet Union took custody of the incapacitated devil. What followed was a global negotiation, leading to the Gun Devil being divided into various parts through contracts with different nations.

As it stands, the Gun Devil’s body is fragmented and distributed among various global powers:

  • United States of America (20%)
  • Soviet Union (28%)
  • China (11%)
  • Other countries (4%)

The remaining percentage (37%) is scattered within multiple devils around the world.

So, only 20% of Gun Devil is dead (Killed by Denji & Makima), and 80% is still alive. But it is spread throughout the world, so killing him is impossible. As mentioned earlier, the fear of guns is eternal as it is a weapon used to kill people.

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In a series filled with high-stakes drama, the Gun Devil stands as a unique symbol of both fear and fascination.

As we anxiously await news of a Chainsaw Man sequel, the questions surrounding this formidable entity continue to captivate fans and newcomers alike. Will we finally see the Gun Devil’s full form? Can Denji and Makima—or anyone else—truly defeat him once and for all? Only time will tell.

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