Jujutsu Kaisen: Why Did Sukuna Save Megumi From Dying?

After the recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2, fans are confused over Sukuna’s affection for Megumi, as he pulled Megumi out of a “suspended death” situation despite him being Sukuna’s enemy.

This article contains spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, so proceed with caution!
Why Did Sukuna Save Megumi From Dying - Explained

After Megumi summoned Mahoraga in episode 17, there was no way anyone could defeat this monstrosity.

But Sukuna came out of nowhere and saved Megumi. He first healed Megumi using his reverse cursed technique and later defeated Mahoraga.

After defeating this beast, he dropped Megumi close to Ieri so he could be healed perfectly. This showed clearly that he didn’t want Megumi to die.

Megumi and Sukuna: The Origin

Why Did Sukuna Save Megumi From Dying - Explained

During the Fearsome Wonb Arc, Sukuna and Megumi exchanged blows for the first time. Since this arc, Sukuna has had an uncanny interest in Megumi Fushigoro, which hasn’t been made clear in the anime.

Megumi was about to summon Mahoraga for the second time during this fight but avoided it as Itadori regained control of his body.

But the cursed energy he emitted while summoning Mahoraga piqued Sukuna’s interest so much that he started keeping tabs on Megumi in the future.

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Why did Sukuna save Megumi’s life in Episode 17?

Why Did Sukuna Save Megumi From Dying - Explained

Sukuna saves Megumi from being killed because he aims to make Fushigoro Megumi his future host after leaving Itadori’s body.

As we already know, Sukuna’s true power is yet to be revealed because, inside Itadori’s body, he does not have voluntary control over his host due to Yuji’s extreme willpower.

Also, Itadori has no innate cursed technique (like Megumi’s Ten Shadow Technique). So, changing the host from Itadori to Megumi will give Sukuna more room to show his powers.

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When does Sukuna take Megumi as a Host?

Sukuna changed hosts from Itadori to Megumi during the Culling Games Arc. The Culling Games was an event organized by Kenjaku in which sorcerers competed against each other.

At the end of Shibuya Arc, Kenjaku cast idle transfiguration on the non-sorcerers near him to include them in the Culling Games.

Tsumiki was also turned into a participant in the Culling Games during this. Thus, Itadori and Megumi entered this game to save Tsumiki.

But unfortunately, a cursed spirit was reincarnated using Tsumiki’s body, named Yorozu. When this was revealed, Itadori and Megumi were in a state of confusion over what happened.

Sukuna took this opportunity to activate his Binding Vow (which was to take over Itadori for a few minutes, with a promise not to hurt anyone but him) with Itadori and made Megumi eat one of his fingers, which emerged from Itadori’s body.

Soon after, Sukuna had taken over Megumi’s body as his new host. He later crushed Megumi’s willpower by killing his sister with his body so he could not take over his body again, just like Itadori.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is wise of Sukuna to leave Itadori and take over Megumi, even though he is adapted to Itadori’s body? Let us know in the comments below.

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