Kaguya-Sama: What Every Character Is Doing Post Finale?

After seven great long years of publication, Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War has finally come to the perfect ending. Bringing tears to all fans, including myself!

With most of the Shuchi’in Academy student council closing out their High School careers in the final chapter of their beautiful third-year graduation it leaves the question, what is next for the group that we’ve grown to love for the past half a decade and more!?

Well, aside from being their usual selves, as the final panel displays, the cast of Love Is War go on to do big things, some even appearing in Akasaka Aka’s later works! So with that little tease, let’s break down what exactly our favorite student council is up to post-finale!

kaguya sama manga ending

Please keep in mind that there will be heavy spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t read the latest chapters, go do that and come back!

Miko Iino

Miko Ino Kaguya Sama

Starting this list off with the new president of Shuchi’in Academy we have, Miko Iino! Starting off as the Auditor for the student council in her first year, Miko has already come a long way throughout the story and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon! Especially with her and Ishigami now moving forward into their third year themselves!

Although the third-year students are graduating and leaving Shuchi’in behind, Miko still has a year at the school alongside Ishigami! As the president and vice president of the 69th student council, there’s sure to be tons that they’ll go through and have already begun to go through.

As it’s shown in their “final chapter” the two of them have inherited both the positions and emotions of the previous president and vice president. Not so surprisingly Iino seems to be a heavy drinker in university and can often be seen calling up Ishigami to join her and drink with her clubmates!

Hey, who knows there could even be a Love is War: Iino and Ishigami spinoff coming with these two. Of course, this would be with a different mangaka artist because as we know Akasaka Aka is taking a step back from being an artist, instead choosing to stay as a writer.

Yu Ishigami

Yui Ishigami end

Just like Miko, Ishigami is now in his third year and final year of high school. He too has changed drastically throughout the series and now finds himself as the ever-busy Vice President of the student council. Just as the series says, the 68th council may have been the council of vision but now it’s the 69th council’s job to actually make those things happen!

Ishigami and Miko’s inherited positions also come with a brand new passed-down edition of Love is War, one that is sure to be as amazing as the first. Now being the studious and hard-working guy he is Ishigami doesn’t really have time for games any more after all he does want to work for Miyuki’s company in the future after he eventually graduates from university, which means he can’t fail!

Ai Hayasaka

hayasaka manga ending

Out of the entire main cast of Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, the one who has changed the most is by far Hayasaka. Starting off as Kaguya’s servant, Hayasaka grows throughout high school into her own person and eventually is forced to quit by Kaguya, instead becoming her closest friend.

As can be seen in her “final chapter” friendship is still a major aspect for Ai, as her dream is to be able to drink with everyone in the future. Something that likely will happen. Now out travelling the world post-graduation there are tons for Ai to experience and learn from before returning to Japan!

Chika Fujiwara

Chika fujiwara post finale manga

Getting into our graduating student council members we have the ever strange, Chika Fujiwara! By the end of the series although having grown as a person Fujiwara is still just as fun and game-playing as she’s always been, forcing Kaguya into telling her how much she loves Fujiwara. In her own “final chapter” it’s said that Fujiwara will continue to be the fun heroine we know and love, which sounds perfect to us!

Throughout the series finale chapter, she can be seen laughing with her friends, dragging them to the afterparty, while asking to play a game, something that sounds perfectly in character for her. In “Ai’s final chapter” she can be seen helping with her father’s councillors’ re-election, something that keeps her rather busy and professional, but rest assured, though grown up Fujiwara is still the same person who gave us the infamous Chika dance!

Kaguya Shinomiya

kaguya shinomiya manga ending

Moving onto the star of the entire series we have Kaguya Shinomiya herself! The young girl who spent nearly her entire high school career at Shuchi’in either trying to get her crush to confess to her or spending time with the Student council or both! Yup, that’s her. In the final chapter, now alongside her boyfriend, Kaguya reflects on her high school life and how much fun it all is! Luckily this isn’t the end for her as she’ll be able to stay alongside Miyuki as a student at Stanford! Now the battle of marriage begins!

Thanks to Ai’s “final chapter and Akasaka Aka’s other series Oshi No Ko, we know that Kaguya ultimately got everything she reached for. Now a professional photographer, Kaguya is well-known in the world of models for being a great photographer and someone to talk to, telling all sorts of stories from her high school experience. Not only that but she now has the Shirogane last name, so in the end, it looks like one of them did indeed win the battle of marriage…

Miyuki Shirogane

Shirogane Kaguya Ending

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if we talked about Love is War without mentioning none other than Shuchi’in Academy’s 67th and 68th President, Miyuki Shirogane! Although he was one graduating third-year student, Miyuki technically didn’t graduate from Shuchi’in with his fellow peers, seeing as how he had dropped out of the esteemed academy to attend and study at Stanford University in America. However, he was present at the graduation to cheer on his friends and girlfriend before he himself received an unofficial graduation organized by the student body.

As we can see in the final few pages of the series a new war has begun between the couple, the battle of marriage! Who will ask the question first and when?! Although we don’t know who popped the question, we do know that one of them eventually did thanks to Akasaka Aka’s Oshi No Ko, where Kaguya pops up all aged up and with the Shirogane last name! Not only that but Miyuki seems to have completed his education and started up his own company as well!

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