My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Release Date, Time, Preview Images, and Countdown

The tension rises with the breaking of the Grave’s seal in “My Happy Marriage,” with Episode 9 leaving fans eager for more. But in this episode, Mio and Kiyoka’s relationship starts to break again.

Here’s everything you need to know about My Happy Marriage episode 10: the release date, time, preview images, and where to watch it.

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Release Date, Time, Preview Images, and Countdown

Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 was titled “Drowning in Dreams.” The episode starts where it left off in the last episode. As Mio’s condition worsens, Kiyoka is busy finding the links of Mio’s mother to these supernatural spirits.

In the middle of all this, Mio does her best and tries to look healthy. She makes breakfast for everyone, which Kiyoka’s sister doesn’t appreciate as she has not fully recovered. But she likes it and tells Mio of her old marriage.

She got divorced because her house management skills weren’t up to par, so she tells Mio to take it easy and not mess up her marriage. The next day, Arata visits Kiyoka’s house to find Mio in a worse condition than before.

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He belittles Kiyoka in front of Mio as he cannot even care for his weak wife. Mio hallucinates and again reaches a lousy condition. He gives Mio his card and tells her to call whenever she thinks she can do the assigned task.

Kiyoka has finally gotten a lad regarding Mio’s mother. He returns home to see Mio over-exerting herself again. He then argues with Mio on why she cannot open up to him. She faints, and now, Kiyoka is rushing to take her to the hospital.

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Release Date & Preview Synopsis

“My Happy Marriage” episode 10, titled “Summer Cherry Blossoms and Mistakes,” will air worldwide on September 6, 2023.

The episode will bring a massive twist as Mio is about to awaken her supernatural abilities. Araka, who visited Mio, is present at Mio’s family house. Kiyoka and Mio travel to the family house to learn more about Mio’s mother. The family head and Mio’s grandfather are present there and break the news about Mio’s abilities.

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My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Release Time

Episode 10 of “My Happy Marriage” is set to air at 11:30 PM JST on September 6, 2023, in Japan. For viewers in the United States, the release time will be at 7:30 AM Pacific Time on September 6.

The release schedule for some other time zones is as follows:

  • United States: 10:30 AM, September 6, 2023 (Eastern Time)
  • Asia: 10:30 PM, September 6, 2023, in the Philippines and Malaysia. 8:00 PM, in Indonesia
  • India: 8:00 PM, September 6, 2023
  • Japan: 11:30 PM, September 6, 2023
  • Europe: 4:30 PM, September 6, 2023, in France and Germany

My Happy Marriage Episode 10 Countdown

Here is the exact countdown to when episode 10 becomes available on streaming services:

Episode 10

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Where to Watch My Happy Marriage?

Anime enthusiasts in Japan can tune in to “My Happy Marriage” weekly on local TV channels such as Tokyo MX.

For international viewers, legal streaming options for this anime series include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu. Please note that the availability of these platforms may differ depending on your geographical location.

Regrettably, “My Happy Marriage” is unavailable for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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