My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Release Date, Time, Preview Synopsis & Images, and Countdown

The romance and intrigue continue to unfold in “My Happy Marriage,” with Episode 7 leaving fans eager for more. As Mio and Kiyoka’s relationship deepens, new challenges and mysteries arise.

Here’s everything you need to know about Episode 8, including the release date, time, preview images, and where to watch it.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Release Date, Time, Preview Synopsis & Images, and Countdown

What Happened Recently?

Episode 7 titled “Glamorous Lady of Summer,” saw Mio and Kiyoka visiting Saimori’s house and engaging in a heartfelt conversation with Mio’s brother. The episode was filled with emotional moments, including the dissolution of Mio’s mother’s tree and the couple’s private engagement.

As soon as she touched the tree’s remaining bark, it dissolved into the air. After this, they met Mio’s brother, who was also there. He has a short talk with Mio, and after departing, he tells himself that he has to be better in life from now on!

As soon as Mio and Kiyoka return home, they get engaged privately without calling each other’s families. That night, Mio asks Kiyoka to let her redo the lessons for becoming a lady. Kiyoka happily complies and tells her he will arrange a teacher for her.

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Kityoka’s sister arrives the next day as she will be Mio’s new teacher. She teaches Mio some basics while Kiyoka stands outside the room. After a while, Mio’s sister asks Kiyoka to lend her Mio to take back home. Kiyoka declines.

That night, Mio is again attacked by a nightmare. Kiyoka is worried because the barrier around his house remains intact, but the demons still manage to infiltrate Mio’s kind. Ultimately, we see that the demons have come close to Kiyoka’s house.

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Release Date & Preview Images

“My Happy Marriage” Episode 8, titled “Nightmare and Disquieting Shadow,” is set to air worldwide on August 23, 2023.

The episode will focus on Kiyoka’s meetings with village officials due to sightings of deceased creatures near the Otsutsuki shrine. A major calamity looms, and the responsibility falls squarely on Kiyoka’s shoulders.

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My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Release Time

Episode 7 of “My Happy Marriage” is set to air at 11:30 PM JST on August 23, 2023, in Japan. For viewers in the United States, the release time will be at 7:30 AM Pacific Time on August 23, 2023.

The release schedule for some other time zones is as follows:

  • Japan (Tokyo): 11:30 PM
  • United States: 7:30 AM (Eastern Time), 10:30 AM (Pacific Time)
  • Europe: 4:30 PM in France and Germany
  • Asia: 10:30 PM in the Philippines and Malaysia, 9:30 PM in Indonesia
  • India: 8:00 PM

My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Countdown

Episode 8

Where to Watch My Happy Marriage?

Anime enthusiasts in Japan can tune in to “My Happy Marriage” weekly on local TV channels such as Tokyo MX.

For international viewers, legal streaming options for this anime series include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu. Please note that the availability of these platforms may differ depending on your geographical location.

Regrettably, “My Happy Marriage” is not available for streaming on Crunchyroll.

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