10 Must-Watch Anime Series With Episodes Less Than 5 Minutes Long

In our fast-paced world, finding time to indulge in our favorite anime can be a challenge. The commitment to watching seasonal shows, often spanning 24 episodes of 25 minutes each, can be daunting. And with sequels adding to the timeframe, the desire to keep up with beloved series can turn into a time-consuming endeavor.

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)

But what if you’re craving a quick anime fix without the lengthy commitment? What if you want to dive into a story that’s rich and engaging but condensed into bite-sized episodes?

You’re in luck! We’ve scoured the deep abyss of the anime catalog to find the gems that deliver a satisfying experience in just a fraction of the time.

These short anime series have episodes lasting less than 5 minutes each, but they pack a punch providing as much enjoyment as full-length anime episodes.

10. Nyanko Days

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length2 minutes
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
GenreComedy, Slice-of-life

“Nyanko Days” is a heartwarming anime series that offers a comforting escape from life’s challenges. One of the beauties of slice-of-life anime series is that they don’t necessarily demand a massive budget. However, they do need skillful direction to ensure viewers are captivated, and that’s where “Nyanko Days” truly shines.

The narrative centers around Yuuko Konagai, a high school student who often feels out of place in social settings. After a day filled with challenges and minimal social interactions, she finds solace at home. There, she’s warmly greeted by her three cat girls, Shi, Maa, and Ro.

These adorable companions have a magical way of healing Yuuko’s spirit, washing away the day’s stress and negativity. Despite its seemingly simple premise, “Nyanko Days” delivers a powerful emotional impact, proving that sometimes, the most straightforward stories can leave the most profound impressions.

9. My Sweet Tyrant

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length3 minutes
Number of Episodes25 Episodes
GenreRomance, Comedy

With only 3 minutes of each episode, “My Sweet Tyrant” offers a refreshing take on the classic “tsundere” trope (a character who is initially cold and hostile toward another person before gradually showing a warmer side) commonly found in anime.

While most romance anime feature a tsundere female lead, this series flips the script, placing a tsundere male at the heart of its narrative. As expected, the anime is both endearing and heartwarming.

The story revolves around Atsuhiro, a high school boy who epitomizes the tsundere archetype. Despite deeply caring for his girlfriend, Non, he often masks his affection with sharp words and seemingly cold behavior. He’s so protective of her that he’s reluctant even to walk beside her, fearing that being close to an “angel” like Non might harm her.

Behind the scenes, Atsuhiro is always looking out for Non, ensuring her well-being and cherishing every moment they share. His unique way of expressing love might be unconventional, but it’s clear that his feelings for Non run deep.

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8. Aiura

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length4 minutes
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
GenreSlice-of-life, Comedy

“Aiura” is a charming slice-of-life anime series that captures the essence of cute girls doing cute things. With solid animation and aesthetically pleasing visuals, the series offers a delightful viewing experience. The voice acting crew deserves praise for their excellent portrayal of each character, bringing them to life with authenticity.

The plot unfolds around three girls who have just embarked on their high school journey together. Their daily lives are filled with joy and camaraderie, from visiting each other’s homes to engaging in various fun activities.

The story introduces us to Ayuko, who is enjoying her ice cream in solitude, only to be interrupted by Kanaka and Saki. This seemingly trivial incident causes her to drop her ice cream, but it marks the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as the three girls soon realize they will be attending the same high school.

Once united at school, they form a close-knit group, sharing their lives and growing together.

7. My Big Sister Arrived

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length3 minutes
Number of Episodes12 Episodes
GenreComedy, Slice-of-life

“My Big Sister Arrived” (Oneechan ga Kita!) is a comedy-centric anime series with a touch of low-Ecchi content. It humorously explores the stereotypical “step-sibling” relationship often depicted in anime, showcasing how a brother and sister’s connection evolves over time.

The story follows Tomoya Mizuhara, a young boy whose life takes an unexpected turn when his parents remarry, bringing his cheerful and vivacious new elder sister, Ichika, into his life. The dynamic is further complicated by the addition of Ichika’s sadistic friend Ruru and her well-endowed friend Marina.

Tomoya faces the comical challenges of adjusting to life with Ichika, who is eager to bond with him in various ways. Her relentless presence and overprotective nature frequently lead to hilarious and sometimes awkward situations.

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6. A Day Before Us

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length2-3 minutes
Number of Episodes44 Episode (3 Seasons)

“A Day Before Us” is a simple anime series that fascinates its watcher with its music and sceneries. The series is based on a manhua and is only available in Chinese dub.

Set against the backdrop of a university campus, the plot explores the lives of young couples as they navigate the intricate maze of romance, friendship, and personal growth. The series beautifully captures the tender moments that define many relationships during this transformative phase of life.

Each episode of “A Day Before Us” shines a spotlight on a different couple, chronicling their daily interactions, challenges, and emotional evolution.

Each episode focuses on a different couple, recording their daily interactions, struggles, and emotional growth.

5. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length3 minutes
Number of Episodes26 Episodes (2 Seasons)
GenreRomance, Comedy

“I Can’t Understand What My Husband is Saying” is an anime series that offers a unique twist on the romance genre. It follows the story of an otaku husband, Hajime, and a hardworking wife, Kaoru, who learn to overcome each other’s shortcomings.

With its unique premise, the series has resonated with the otaku culture, even spawning a sequel, attesting to its popularity.

“I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” depicts the marriage of a newlywed couple with opposing personalities. Hajime is a shut-in husband who doesn’t go out that much and spends all day blogging to make money (that’s me). On the other hand, Kaoru is a regular office worker.

Many humorous situations arise from Hajime’s peculiar interests (in Otaku Culture) and communication issues with his wife because she is not familiar with Weeb’s terminologies. Despite their contrasting personalities, they find ways to overcome each other’s shortcomings, creating a relationship that’s both entertaining and endearing.

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4. Honobono Log

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length2 minutes
Number of Episodes10 Episodes
GenreRomance, Slice-of-life

“Honobono Log” beautifully portrays the essence of family and its vital role in our lives. The anime is both healing and comforting, illustrating that even when conflicts arise within a family, it’s beneficial to clear everything out.

The plot follows the story of various couples and families as they navigate their everyday lives, experiencing a range of emotions.

Each episode captures genuine situations of love, friendship, and connection, often using few words and focusing on the feelings involved. The simplicity and sincerity of “Honobono Log” is why the series is placed so far high on the list.

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3. Please Take My Brother Away

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length3 minutes
Number of Episodes72 Episodes (5 Seasons)
GenreComedy, Slice-of-life

“Please Take My Brother Away” is another anime series based on a manhua, like “A Day Before Us.” Unlike “A Day Before Us,” this series is available in Japanese dub and features a premium choice of voice actors. The series follows the encounters between two siblings, with the elder brother being lazy and often scolded by his younger sister.

The anime portrays the unconditional love between siblings, emphasizing that conflict, while common in relationships, can make them stronger. It presents this beautiful concept in a fun and engaging way.

“Please Take My Brother Away” chronicles the entertaining and chaotic life of Shi Miao, whose daily routine is often disrupted by her lazy and troublemaking younger brother, Shi Fen.

Shi Miao navigates high school life while coping with her brother’s shenanigans, highlighting their amusing sibling relationship. The show explores relevant family dynamics, academic experiences, and the challenges of growing up, all wrapped in humor and warmth.

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2. Love is Like a Cocktail

Top 10 Best Anime Series With Short Episodes (2-11 min/episode)
Episode Length3 minutes
Number of Episodes13 Episodes
GenreRomance, Comedy

“Love is Like a Cocktail” follows a heartwarming and cute couple as they enjoy their newly married life. The husband, a stay-at-home spouse, comforts his hardworking wife as she comes back home after demanding days at the office.

Not only does the anime offer a charming glimpse into their relationship, but it also provides viewers with enticing recipes for cocktails.

“Love is Like a Cocktail” centers on Chisato Mizusawa, a diligent office worker, and her loving husband, Sora. Each episode features Sora crafting inventive and mouthwatering drinks for Chisato to savor after a long day.

Their interactions and warm moments, often revolving around these special beverages, strengthen their relationship and provide a touching and enjoyable viewing experience.

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1. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Saiki k
Episode Length5 minutes
Number of Episodes120 Episodes
GenreComedy, Supernatural

“The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.” is an anime series that many people may not realize consists of short episodes. Its popularity is partly due to the protagonist’s voice acting by the legendary Kamiya Hiroshi, known for roles such as Levi from “Attack on Titan” and many more.

The plot follows Kusuo Saiki, a high school boy gifted with psychic powers, who longs for an ordinary life. Unfortunately, his unique abilities often thrust him into absurd situations, involving quirky classmates, peculiar parents, and supernatural challenges.

One of Saiki’s female classmates, Kokomi Teruhashi, is the secret crush of the entire school. However, she has set her sights on Saiki and is determined to make him fall in love with her. Unfortunately for Kokomi, Saiki doesn’t seem to be interested.

Kokomi devises multiple plans to make Saiki confess his love for her, but there’s a twist: Saiki can hear every thought of Kokomi’s, thanks to his psychic abilities. This makes her attempts at winning his affection all the more challenging, as Saiki tries to avoid Kokomi’s confrontations at every turn.

Each episode is filled with comedic, romantic, and various other scenarios that are sure to entertain.

These are the top 10 best anime series with shorter runtimes than regular episodes. We hope you find something to enjoy in this diverse collection. Let us know what you think in the comments down below. If you enjoyed reading this article, you might want to explore 10 Best Short Anime Series That You Can Watch In One Day.

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