My Hero Academia Author Is Considering To Extend The Manga Story

Published on October 8th, 2022

In December 2021, during the Jump Festa event, Bakugo’s voice actor read a message from the author, revealing that the My Hero Academia manga series is coming to an end in 1 year.

My Hero Academia manga ending

The news of the manga ending in a year was a shocking development for fans who have been following the manga for years and possibly wanted to see Deku becoming an adult and become the number 1 hero. But if the manga was to end in 12 months, given the pace of the story development, we would never see that future.

The good news for My Hero Academia fans is that the author is reconsidering his decision of ending the manga so quickly. In the Weekly Shonen Jump manga publishing magazine, there is a page where all the manga authors of the magazine comment on something. Usually, they are boring and not related to the series itself; however, sometimes we get valuable information too.

Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia author commented in Weekly Shonen Jump issue 45:

“At the end of the last year, I said the series would be over in 1 year, but its already been 10 months. I’m reconsidering it.”

Obviously, Horikoshi sensei is still making up his mind on when to end the series. On the other hand, manga series is going crazy, with Deku almost going berserk mode. Fans would like to see more of Deku’s rage before the manga officially ends.

Whether Horikoshi decided to end the manga or keep it going, we will probably get the update during Jump Festa 2023. In Jump Festa 2022, Horikoshi said that if he changed his mind (on the manga ending), he will ask Deku’s VA to read another statement.

Horikoshi doesn’t attend any anime or manga events because of privacy issues, but this will likely change after Japan’s new law gets approved, forcing the mangaka and other celebrities to reveal their real identity. Horikoshi sensei has been getting criticism from fans after drawing a controversial Invisible Girl poster; hopefully, the news of extending the manga series will calm things down for the fans.

On the other side, My Hero Academia anime is going strong, with the 6th season currently airing in Japan. MHA season 6 will run for 6 months with a total of 25 episodes. International fans can watch the series on Crunchyroll.

Do you want the My Hero Academia manga series to continue for a few more years? Let us know your opinion in the comment section down below.

8 thoughts on “My Hero Academia Author Is Considering To Extend The Manga Story

  1. Yes please don’t end it so soon. We need adult deku and adult bakugo tag teaming. We need to see the hero course students at their absolute prime with bigger/badder enemies to face off against.

  2. The entire story is based on how Deku “became the number 1 hero” how could it end before we see that happen ?

  3. We really need the full story of how Deku becomes the number one hero. I would also like to see the “ships” be developed, especially Izuku and Ochaco!

  4. I am so happy to hear all that. I hope he decides to continue the story, with more fights and more villains to come. And hopefully some development with deku and bakugou’s relationship. Like, imagine them growing up and fighting side to side. I can already see it happening. I love them both so much!

  5. I’m begging Horikoshi Sensei to please not end the series yet!! We still have yet to see Deku become the number 1 hero and “the greatest hero in the world” and I would really love to see the “ships” be developed and shown! I beg you, Horikoshi Sensei!! PLEASE don’t end it before we get to see Deku become number 1 and “The Greatest Hero in the World”!!

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