No Announcement for One Punch Man Season 3 from Mappa Leaves Fans Disheartened

One Punch Man enthusiasts have been left somewhat deflated after Mappa made no announcement regarding its involvement in the anime’s third season.

one punch man season 3 mappa

Back in August 2022, the official announcement of One Punch Man Season 3 was made. However, nearly a year has passed, and there’s still no information on which studio will be responsible for the animation.

There’s no denying the enormous popularity of One Punch Man, crafted by Murata and One. It stars Saitama, arguably the most overpowered character in anime, earning a legion of dedicated fans.

When the third season’s official announcement was made, anticipation soared among fans. They’ve been keenly scouring the official website for any updates, especially concerning which animation studio will helm Season 3.

Keeping the fans in suspense, the staff of Season 3 have managed to closely guard the secret of which studio is involved.

Interestingly, a major Twitter account with 120k followers was even taken down after it leaked that Mappa was on board for One Punch Man Season 3.

Due to these rumors, fans had their fingers crossed for Mappa’s 2023 stage event, hoping for an announcement confirming their involvement in the production of One Punch Man Season 3.

However, to the fans’ dismay, there were no revelations regarding One Punch Man during the event, causing a wave of disappointment which was evident on Twitter.

Nevertheless, it’s not all doom and gloom for One Punch Man fans. Season 3 could still be animated by Mappa, akin to Chainsaw Man, which turned out to be a financial win for the studio, though it’s still awaiting a green light for a second season.

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Perhaps Mappa Studio is biding their time, waiting for more of the project to be completed so they can tease the fans with some glimpses of the series.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, and the animation for Season 3 could be taken on by a completely different studio, or perhaps it might even be handed to J.C. Staff, who were responsible for Season 2.

The question remains – who do you think will animate the third season of One Punch Man? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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