One Piece Chapter 1088 Spoilers: Garp About to Die?

One Piece returned this week with another banger chapter but with some visually sad news. During the last chapter, Garp is seen in a tight spot as Shiryu’s sneaky attack catches him. But as the chapter ended, we heard some confident words from Garp.

But in this chapter, things might be a bit different as Garp is now completely overwhelmed by Kuzan, and we might see a turn of events. Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1088 are now available. Read on for all the essential details.

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One Piece Chapter 1087 Quick Summary

One Piece Chapter 1087 was titled “Battleship Bag,” and this chapter was mainly focused on the flashback of Kuzan and Garp when both of them were younger. The main highlight of this chapter is that Garp got seriously injured while saving Coby from Shiryu’s sneaky attack.

The chapter ended with an exchange of blows between Kuzan and Garp as Garp was left weakened on the ground, with him telling Koby everything would be alright as justice would prevail!

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One Piece Chapter 1088 Early Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1088 is titled “Last Lesson,“- which refers to the end of this Beehive Island Saga and the last exchange of fists between Kuzan and Garp.

Koby Getting the Spotlight

Before the official spoilers for this chapter arrived, Etonboy (leaker) informed us that Koby fans would love this chapter. Koby implements a new move on the Blackbeard Pirates called the “Honesty Impact.”

The name is quite similar to Garp’s recent attack, “Galaxy Impact,” but as Koby has no Conqueror’s Haki, it would be interesting to see how he executes this new attack.

One Piece Chapter 1088 Spoilers: Garp About to Die?

Garp Meeting His End?

Kuzan is now on the offensive and attacks Garp with his Ice blade, which pierces the old man through his chest. While all this is happening, Blackbeard Pirates surround Garp so that he doesn’t escape Kuzan’s attack.

Kuzan starts to freeze Garp while Garp is laughing. This was a reminder of the scene when Kuzan froze Saul on the Ohara island when the Marines were burning it down. So, as Saul is still alive, according to previous chapters, Kuzan again has something in mind with Garp.

This is confirmed by the headline given in the chapter that the “Legendary Hero Garp disappeared at Beehive Island” and his life status left at Unknown. This is a classic Oda move as Oda leaves still-pieces at some points in his manga, which he uses later!

One Piece Chapter 1088 Spoilers: Garp About to Die?

Back to Luffy and the Gang

At the end of the chapter, marines arrive at Egghead Island, which indicates that Egghead Island Saga is about to resume as Luffy and his crew still haven’t escaped Egghead with Vegapunk.

Egghead Island is currently in shambles because of the imposter Vegapunk; now, there is no choice left but to escape Egghead Island.

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One Piece Chapter 1088 will officially release on July 23, 2023. You can read it on the Manga Plus app. As always, we advise you to read the manga via official means to support the creator of the series.

One Piece Chapter 1089 is expected to release on August 6, 2023. (As there is a break)

The Source of all these One Piece Chapter 1088 Spoilers is Etenboy and Redon, which have officially provided One Piece Spoilers from the start and shared them on One Piece Reddit. Check back for updates and analysis on this exciting new chapter in the One Piece saga!

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