One Piece Live Action Season 2 Officially Confirmed Via A Special Message By Eiichiro Oda

Netflix has given the green light to the second season of the One Piece live-action series, which is based on the acclaimed manga series by Eiichiro Oda.

one piece live action season 2

Just two weeks after its debut, the One Piece live-action series has been confirmed for a renewal. This exciting news was shared directly by Eiichiro Oda, who communicated through his unique Den Den Mushi.

He said in the video, “To the Straw Hat Grand Fleet! What did you think of season 1 of One Piece live-action? I spent a long time working on it with Netflix and Tomorrows Studio. It seems people around the world have been enjoying the show, which makes the hard work from the production team truly worth it.”

He continued, “To everyone who has been a fan of One Piece for years, and to those who have experienced One Piece for the first time, Thank you so much. Two weeks after the launch, I just received some great news. Netflix has decided to renew the show. The adventures of Inaki and the live-action straw hats will continue onward. It will still take a while to get the scripts ready so please be patient.”

Chopper’s Introduction in the Live Action

The inclusion of Chopper in the second season of One Piece live-action has been confirmed. Fans had concerns about how he would be portrayed in the live-action due to his unique reindeer-like appearance.

Addressing this, Eiichiro Oda has begun planning for Chopper’s role in the series. He mentioned, “From here on it seems to me that Straw Hats will need a great doctor. We will see!” This was accompanied by a glimpse of Oda sketching Chopper.

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The fan community was eagerly awaiting the performance metrics of One Piece live-action in its second week. It was vital for the series to maintain its viewership and continue its successful run on Netflix. The series did not disappoint, and shortly after, Netflix officially announced the second season.

Audiences worldwide, including Japan, have commended the live-action adaptation for staying true to the original content.

The producers at Tomorrow Studios revealed that they’ve had preliminary discussions with Oda, Netflix, and Shuiesha about the scripts for the One Piece live-action up to its sixth season.

Their ambition is to produce at least six seasons, leveraging the vast source material available. One Piece live-action does not have a release date as of yet. As the One Piece creator revealed in his video message, it will take some time to get the scripts ready for season 2.

Moreover, the ongoing writers’ strike can also cause some delays if not resolved quickly. For now, be sure to follow One Piece live-action official channels to get updates quickly.

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