One Punch Man Chapter 167 Spoilers: Saitama and Garou Fight On A [Spoilers]

The previous chapter of the One Punch Man series ended on a cliffhanger. Saitama and Garou (copying Saitama) are ready to throw a serious punch at each other. Luckily, the raw scans for chapter 167 are already out, revealing what happens to the fight between Saitama and Garou. Here is the summary of chapter 167.

One Punch Man chapter 167 raw

Entire Galaxies Destroyed?

The number 1 hero, Blast knew that if Saitama and Garou landed punch on each other, that would be disastrous for earth. Using his quick speed, Blast opens up a portal and teleports Garou and Saitama a short distance from earth, however, the impact created by the serious punch of Saitama and Garou is so huge that it was going to destroy the earth. That is when Blast’s teammates (one member is from Boros race) show up and help Blast channel the impact energy to another corner of the universe. Earth gets saved, but an entire part of the universe just gets erased.

One Punch Man chapter 167
Pic Credit: One Punch Man (Murata)

After the impact, both Garou and Saitama get blown away to a Jupiter’s moon. Murata, the illustrator of One Punch Man spoiled fans with another beautiful panel where Saitama is looking down on Garou, and the background is Jupiter. Something about this is really mesmerizing.

God’s Body In The Moon?

A panel from the recent chapter revealed the dark side of the moon for the very first time in the series. Readers could easily see a spine, which belongs to a huge being possibly god. God being is the one who gave a slight taste of his powers to Garou, which is why he became powerful enough to copy any attack.

One punch man chapter 167 moon god

Many fans have speculated that during the fight between Saitama and Boros, Saitama was punched to the moon, and when he jumped from the moon to get back, he shattered 1/3rd of the moon. According to theories, this Shockwave opened a dimensional rift between god’s world and our world. Now, god is somehow leaking through that dimensional gap.

Serious Saitama

After noticing that they were blown away to a Jupiter’s moon, Saitama felt relieved that now he can go all out without worrying about destroying the earth. Garou proposes to Saitama that they should think of a way to get back to earth, but Saitama says “That comes after I beat the shit out of you”.

Saitama seems to be really angry because of Genos death. However, the way Saitama takes care of Genos core, he might know a way to bring his dear student back. He is holding Geno’s core in his left hand, and ready to fight Garou.

One Punch Man chapter 167 saitama
Pic Credit: One Punch Man (Murata)

Cosmic Garou tries to teleport him away using a portal, but Saitama just kicks the portal away. Saitama lands a serious punch on Garou face, who tries to counterattack by using portals. Still, Saitama just moves the portal to the side (Yes, Saitama can grab space portals), and Garou receives another uppercut from Saitama.

Jupiter Moon Destroyed

After seeing that using 1 portal will not be effective against Saitama, Garou opens up multiple portals around Saitama to try and catch him off guard. He manages to land a punch on Saitama, which destroys his hero uniform.

As One Punch Man fans know that this hero uniform was precious to Saitama; when it gets destroyed, Saitama goes berserk. He gets angrier and shatters the moon into small rocks so he can use them as a base point to attack Garou from multiple angles. Also, please don’t worry about the shattered moon, as Jupiter has 78 more.

Saitama lands some serious blows on Garou, who tries to flee using a portal, but Saitama’s speed is too much for him. In the final panel of chapter 167, Saitama and Garou both manage to land a punch on each other’s faces.

There is still some twist left to be uncovered in this fight. The official English translation of the chapter will be released shortly, and we will cover the chapter in detail.

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