One Punch Man Chapter 168: Saitama Just Travelled Back In Time

One Punch Man Chapter 168 is already out and this is one of the most comedic chapters you are ever going to read of this series. From Saitama using his new move, a serious sneeze that destroyed the whole Jupiter planet, to him traveling back in time to save everyone. Here is everything you need to know about One Punch Man chapter 168.

One Punch Man chapter 168

Saitama’s New Attack: Serious Sneeze

The story begins where the previous chapter left off, Garou and Saitama are fighting on a Juptier’s moon, all thanks to the number 1 hero, Blast who quickly transported them away from the earth and saved the human race.

At the end of the previous chapter, it looked like Garou was matching Saitama’s speed and power. It was believed that Saitama actually took some damage against Garou as we saw in the final panel, however, now we know that it was only a drawing effect that Murata uses to enhance battle scenes.

Garou is getting beaten up by Saitama and he says to himself that Saitama new punch is stronger than his previous one, and he can’t use his copy ability. If Garou takes any more of these punches, he will die.

During the blows of punches, Saitama’s whole outfit gets destroyed and he is disappointed that he is feeling a little bit of a cold. That is when Saitama sneezes and destroys the whole Jupiter planet. Garou was lucky that he got away from the path of Saitama’s sneeze or he was surely going to get destroyed. Again, Murata has done exceptional work of capturing a destroying planet.

Garou’s Plan To Teleport Saitama To Sun

At this point, Garou knows that he can’t defeat Saitama in a hand-to-hand fight. That is when he sees the sun and he gets the idea to teleport Saitama into the sun.

Garou manages to teleport himself and Saitama close to the surface of the sun. He quickly opens another portal and gets away from the sun. Garou thinks that he has won the fight and happily starts jumping around. Moments later, he feels a presence behind him, and Garou knew it was Saitama.

Garou is surprised about how did Saitama got back so quickly. Saitama reveals that he had a stomach ache from the cold and he was holding it in, but he got surprised by that flash of light and a fart came out of him, which gave him momentum to catch up to Garou.

After explaining about how he return, Saitama seriously punches Garou back to earth. Saitama’s punch was so strong that Cosmic Garou’s mask gets broken.

Saitama Time Travels

After a serious punch, Saitama stops. Garou asks him why isn’t he killing him? Saitama says that because he is a hero and also because it was that kid’s final request.

That’s when Garou looks to his right and sees Tareo’s dead body. Garou runs away crying to the opposite side from where Tareo’s body is laying around. He admits that it was his fault that Tareo is in this state as Cosmic Garou was emitting radiations that were lethal for Tareo.

As a final request Garou asks Saitama to copy his move. Saitama agrees to copy Garou’s move, which creates a quantum reaction and lets Saitama time travel back when every hero was still alive on earth, and Garou was also just landed on earth.

Cosmic Garou gets turned into stone, probably because of using all his power. Before disappearing, he asks Saitama to defeat his past self and save everyone. Saitama begins traveling back in time and defeats Garou with One Punch before Garou had a chance to use his cosmic powers.

Garou And Everyone Are Alive

Since the future self of Saitama defeated Garou before he got the chance to hurt anyone, all the heroes and Genos who were going to die fighting Garou, were saved. In previous chapters, it was speculated that Genos might be dead for good.

Now, there are two Saitama present on the earth, and because of the law, two selves cannot coexist in the same world, both Saitama get compelled to each other and get merged.

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