One Punch Man Manga Artist Starts His Own Original Anime

Anime Originals have been a hit these days. We have received quite a lot of them in the last few yearss. The most prominent and successful example of this is Lycoris Recoil, about to receive a second season, which we rarely see for an original anime project. Other than that, some series do original stuff besides having a source, just like the Spy x Family original movie, which we shall see later this year. So, this can be seen as a gesture for emerging artists that starting an original anime project is a diverse idea, and people might like it!

Recently, the manga artist of the famous Shounen Series One Punch Man, Yusuke Murata, shared on Twitter the first part of his first Original Anime Project and has started working with a proper Animation Studio for this to create anime in the future.

One Punch Man Manga Artist Starts his Own Original Anime Project!

Yusuke Murata is an evergreen manga artist who is known across the industry for his distinctive art style. He was the former assistant of Takeshi Obata (Manga artist of Death Note), and his famous projects are Eyeshield 21, Gokiburi Buster and One Punch Man, his most famous work.

He is also about to start a new manga series which will be a fantasy-based manga.

Recently, the manga artist has been walking onto a new path in life. He has decided to start his own Original Anime Series and is working with his in-house animation studio “Village Studio” on this project. The name of his original anime is “Zaiyuki“, and Murata has dropped its trailer in two parts on his official Twitter account:

As soon you watch the first part, you can tell that Yusuke Murata was behind it if you have followed him in the manga industry. Each character’s design is enough to deduce that Murata makes everything in this anime, mainly the girl’s design in the trailer. The driver in the trailer also looks like Amai Mask, the S-Rank Hero in One Punch Man.

One Punch Man Manga Artist Starts his Own Original Anime Project!

Considering the brevity of its A Part, it’s probable that Zaiyuki will not be an anime of full feature-length, but rather a concise OVA. Nonetheless, the degree of intricacy on display is truly remarkable, as one would expect from the talented hands of Murata.

The Synopsis of Zaiyuki

Zaiyuki follows the story of a Zaiyuki, young kappa (a mythical ghost of Japanese folklore) who is nothing like a kappa in reality. Zaiyuki cannot swim and does not even like cucumbers (which is the characteristic feature of kappas). So, he is bullied by every kappa in the town for this. One day, he wins a lottery and gets a chance to travel to India.

Zaiyuki leaves every bad memory behind and decides to travel to India. On his way to the airport, he receives a mysterious orb from an older adult, which becomes a monkey when he arrives in India. Because of the mysterious monkey, the police forces corner Zaiyuki, and now he is trapped in the middle of an airport. How will Zaiyuki escape, and was he sent to India for a reason?

One Punch Man Manga Artist Starts his Own Original Anime Project!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Yusuke Murata will be as fine an animator as he is a manga artist? And what are your thoughts on the first part of the anime? Let us know in the comments down below.

Source: Crunchyroll News

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