Oshi No Ko Anime Accused of Using Hana Kimura’s Story For Profit

The recent episode of the popular Oshi No Ko anime has made quite a buzz online for gaining inspiration from a real tragic story.

Akane from Oshi No Ko

Episode 6 of Oshi No Ko, titled ‘Egosurfing,’ centered on the tragic story of Akane, who faced online hate and bullying.

As an artist who always wanted to give her fans the best, Akane felt pressured to make herself more visible in the dating reality show. However, in the process she accidentally hurst one of her coworkers.

Because of this, the time and effort Akane has put into her work for years were instantly destroyed by bullies online pushing her to end his own life.

Although Akane’s life was saved, many considered her story to be one of the series’ most significant episodes so far.

Akane’s story shed light on the importance of respecting an artist and being aware of them. What one watches on their screen only depicts part of their life story.

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About Hana Kimura

Fans also noted the resemblance of Akane’s tragic story from the same saddening death that happened to Hana Kimura.

We previously wrote in an article that Hana Kimura was also someone in the spotlight like Akane herself. Kimura had a dispute with one of her co-workers in the reality show, which led her to become the center of online bullying.

Due to the hurtful judgment that she had received non-stop, Kimura took his own life, and the series Terrace House that she was participating in, was canceled.

Telling Hana Kimura’s story through Akane’s character certainly gave importance to matters like online harassment. However, this was different for Kimura’s family.

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Hana Kimura’s Mother Accused Oshi No Ko Anime

The mother of the former artist, Hana Kimura, did not agree with the intentions of Oshi no Ko’s recent episode.

Instead, she saw the story of her daughter being used by an anime to gain more profit. Hana Kimura’s mother expressed her disbelief by posting about it via her Twitter account. She urged the supporters not to watch the episode.

The Twitter post translates to:

By using a story that actually happened,
Can’t they imagine that people who cherish flowers
would be deeply hurt?

Especially the timing of this anime distribution when the death anniversary is near?

If it’s for selling,
If it’s to become a topic of conversation,
they don’t choose their means.

I despise it from the bottom of my heart.

To the fans of the flower,
I definitely don’t want you to watch it.


Hana Kimura’s mother even added that the show’s producer or the author of its manga did not contact her at all before publishing or producing the scene that allegedly features her daughter’s story.

She further highlighted that the author copy-pasting someone’s tragic story through the recent episode of the series clearly stated his lack of skill in terms of writing accurately.

So far, the series’ producers or the author have yet to respond to the posts of Hana Kimura’s mother. Oshi No Ko anime has not confirmed whether these accusations are true.

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However, HIDIVE, the official English licensor, included a disclaimer by the end of the episode stating that the series is simply a work of fiction and advises anyone with any type of mental problem to seek help immediately.

Oshi No Ko Disclaimer

Fans’ Reactions

Fans’ opinions regarding this matter are somewhat divided. Some fans do not agree with Hana Kimura’s mother. Oshi No Ko fans claim that the story of Akane is not a direct reference to the late professional wrestler.

On the one hand, some fans are defending Hana Kimura’s mother expressing their disbelief with the hate she is receiving for protecting his late daughter.

This issue involving Oshi No Ko sheds light on the issue of online bullying. But it also reminds the entertainment industry that depicting a tragic story of someone in real life might trigger emotional responses, either of their family or the fans.

Oshi no Ko anime is based on the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Aka Aksasaka. The mangaka is currently working on a new manga project.

Sources: Twitter

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