Reddit Users Discover that Dragon Ball’s Frieza was Inspired by Real Estate Speculators

A fan shared via Reddit that one of the most evil antagonist, Frieza, was created based on real estate speculators during the Japanese asset price inflation in 1980 which created some interesting responses from the fans.

Frieza in Dragon Ball

Frieza is a Dragon Ball Z villain who bluntly destroys planets, not for his whim, but as his everyday work. He was conquering and destroying planets and selling them at a very low price to keep his galactic-tyrant living.

Moreover, as long as anime is concerned, Frieza is one of the most ruthless and wicked villains in anime history.

Some of his criminal doing include destroying the earth, impaling Krillin, killing Dende, and the most atrocious thing he did is the extinction of Saiyans.

Although the show was made for entertainment, particularly for children, we cannot deny the social issue/s it wants to depict.

Origin of the Villain “Frieza”

Most, if not all, manga writers incorporate their designs and try to depict reality, including current situations, social issues, and culture, among others.

In a recent post on Reddit, a user shared that one of Dragon Ball’s villains, Frieza, was based on the Japanese who took advantage of the asset price inflation in 1980.

The author of the series, Akira Toriyama, even considered the real estate speculators during the said crisis as the worst kind of people.

frieza dragon ball origin

What Fans Think About Freiza

Fans shared their thoughts about this “revelation” and even compared it to other films, saying:


Although Frieza was depicted as a greedy and heartless individual who takes advantage of the weaknesses of other people, some fans still thought he was just a maniac who loves killing people and destroying things for no reason.


Looking at Frieza’s behaviour, it should not be a surprise to many that he was inspired by these type of people.

Regardless of the origins, Frieza is one of the most loved villains in Dragon Ball series. That might also be the reason as Dragon Ball Super have not only reintroduced him in the manga, but also given him a power up called Black Frieza.

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About Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball was written by Akira Toriyama, a Japanese manga writer and artist, and video game character designer.

It follows the story of a young and peculiar boy named Son Goku, who will eventually embark on adventures to find strong enemies to train and prove himself the strongest.

Nonetheless, fate doesn’t always side with Goku; there were countless times when they got to face an overpowered enemy that put himself and his friend’s life in danger. However, with the help of the mighty dragon balls, they were able to defend themselves and even get to bring a destroyed planet back to normal.

The anime adaptation of its manga series premiered and broadcast in 1986 to over 80 countries worldwide for three years.

To date, there are 519 individual chapters printed in 42 volumes.

Source: Reddit

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