Solo Leveling Anime New Trailer Reveals Main Characters’ Design, Reveals Cast

Fans of Solo Leveling are in for a treat! The much-awaited trailer for the anime adaptation finally arrived during the Crunchyroll Industry panel at Anime Expo 2023.

The anime, bringing to life the well-loved manhwa of the same name, Solo Leveling, is set for a grand premiere in Winter 2024.

The announcement created a buzz, especially with a peek into the Solo Leveling universe. Fans got a glimpse of the main characters like Sung Jinwoo, Yoo Jinho, Baek Yoonho, and Cha Hae-In, while the previous trailer only focused on Sung Jinwoo.

Although initially planned for 2023, the anime’s schedule got a bit of a shuffle. It’s now all set for a fantastic start in Winter 2024, which will begin in January 2024. Solo Leveling anime’s main cast has been revealed.

Character NameVoice Actor Name
Sung JinwooTaito Ban
Yoo JinhoGenta Nakamura
Cha Hae-inReina Ueda
Choi Jong-inDaisuke Hirakawa
Baek YoonhoHiroki Touchi
Go GunheeBanjo Ginga
Woo JinchulMakoto Furukawa

The anime adaptation is animated by Studio A-1 Pictures. The staff includes director Shunsuke Nakashige, scriptwriter Noboru Kimura, and composer Hiroyuki Sawano.

DirectorShunsuke Nakashige
ScreenplayNoboru Kimura
Character DesignTomoko Sudo
MusicHiroyuki Sawano
StudioA-1 Pictures

Solo Leveling Plot

In a world where mysterious portals, known as “gates,” connect the human realm to a parallel dimension infested with monstrous creatures, select individuals acquire the power to hunt these beasts. These individuals, known as “Hunters,” are ranked by their power level, from E to S.

The story follows Sung Jinwoo, initially known as the “weakest hunter of mankind” and derisively referred to as the “World’s Weakest.” Despite his low E-class ranking, Sung Jinwoo possesses a tireless spirit and continues to risk his life navigating the perilous gates to support his ailing mother and younger sister.

Starting as a web novel in South Korea by author Chugong, Solo Leveling expanded to over 270 chapters across 14 volumes. It later transformed into a webtoon adaptation of 179 chapters, illustrated by Dubu. The webtoon was available on the KakaoPage platform from March 4, 2018, through December 29, 2021. Solo Leveling web novel also has a spin-off focusing on Sung JinWoo’ son.

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